Research Facilities

The Department of Anthropology maintains up-to-date biological anthropology, computer, and archaeology laboratories. Research opportunities are available to students through individual arrangements with faculty as well as through the Archaeological Research Center (ARC) and the Anthropology Museum. 

The ARC facilitates faculty and student research via funding obtained from contracts and grants. The center brings together considerable individual and team expertise in the management of cultural resources throughout California and the western Great Basin. Professional expertise is offered in prehistoric archaeology generally, with specializations in zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, human osteology, flaked and ground stone analysis, obsidian hydration, geographic information systems, and Native American consultation. The ARC has facilities and equipment to support a full range of field and laboratory investigations, including lithic, faunal, soil flotation and macrobotanical analyses. The ARC also provides facilities and support for associated student research 

The Anthropology Museum ( offers students the opportunity to work with ethnographic collections from around the world and to develop exhibits based upon their own research and fieldwork. Students earn course credits and gain valuable curatorial and exhibit design experience by serving as museum interns.