Art Clubs

Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L) is committed to encouraging and helping students become involved in campus life through a variety of leadership programs and more than 300 clubs and organizations. All art clubs are student run with varying levels of faculty involvement. Each academic year can bring a different skillset and participation from our student body. Most active clubs will hold at least one fundraiser each year to raise funds to bring visiting artists to campus and to help fund field trips to conferences and museums.

Please visit the SO&L page for more information about these clubs: 

Art History Club

The Art History Club at Sac State strives to build a community of artists, historians, educators, and students of all disciplines. We hope to create opportunities for students to have an outreach into the Sacramento art community through a variety of events such as films, second Saturday events and museum visits.  Faculty advisor: Rachel Miller.

Ceramics Guild

The purpose of the Ceramic Guild is to increase interest in the ceramic department, raise money for new equipment, and gain new experiences.  Faculty advisor: Scott Parady.

Form Art Club

Form is a student run club on campus whose vision is to connect art students and enthusiasts with opportunities to exhibit work and learn about art events in the Sacramento area. Our goal is to help build student artist resumes for post-graduation success in the field of art.  Faculty advisor: Ian Harvey.

Graduate Art Student Association (GASA)

The purpose of this organization is to provide a working environment conductive to creativity, originality, community building and growth. It will encourage development through seminars, lectures, demonstrations, critiques, museum and gallery visits, exhibits, competitions, conferences and exchanges. 
The GASA is committed to enhancing the educational experience of its members, as well as promoting the visual arts campus-wide.  Faculty advisor: Andrew Connelly.

thINK and Freedom Press

Printmaking has a rich history of making art, information and revolutionary ideas available to the public. At thINK & Freedom Press we aim to revive the art and science of traditional printmaking within our campus community. We accept members from all academic disciplines. No printmaking experience required.  Faculty advisor: Summer Ventis.

Sculpture Club

The Sculpture Club is open to all students attending Sacramento State. Our mission is to assists students in the sculpture arts apply and learn about scholarships, internships and outside campus opportunities. As a club we participate in community projects and outreach on and off campus. And lastly our goal is to make lasting connections among students artists, established artists and the surrounding arts communities.  Faculty advisor: Andrew Connelly.