Safe Practices

Department of Art Technicians

Ben Hunt, Art Sculpture Lab
(916) 278-2629

Kevin Ptak, Kadema Hall
(916) 278-4917

The Department of Art is an advocate for maintaining a studio environment that in the interest of preventing reasonably avoidable harm, accidental injury or illness, shall encourage the preservation of health and safety for all students, student assistants, volunteers, technicians, staff and faculty who use the studio art facilities in pursuit of higher learning and community outreach.

Facilities and Studios

Painting by Ashley Young, Sculpture Yard 2014

The Department of Art utilizes the following on-campus buildings and facilities for instruction in the studio disciplines:

Kadema Hall houses the Art department office, faculty offices, the Art Technician Kevin Ptak's office, Art Education and Art History classrooms, studios for Small Metals, Ceramics, Printmaking, Beginning Painting and Drawing, the New Media Art lab facilities and the Witt and Else Galleries.

Mariposa Hall 1007 houses the New Media Art computer labs. Check for open lab hours in Mariposa Hall. 

Art Sculpture Lab contains tech and faculty offices, graduate student's individual studios, shops and studios for Sculpture, Painting and Drawing. 

Art Sculpture Lab Key FOBs

Students currently enrolled in classes at the Art Sculpture Lab are encouraged to get a key fob to grant access to the studio facilities and resources, as well as to keep students safe during open lab hours, especially after hours.

Enrolled students can pick up a completed Key Issue Request form from the art office at Kadema hall 185. Attached to the key issue request form is the Department's Student Key Issue Policy. Review the policy for checking out a key FOB. Take the key issue request form and your OneCard to Facilities Management. Facilities Management will check out the key FOB to you. You will return the key to Facilities Management on or before the expiration date listed on the key issue request form. Facilities Management is located at the front of CSUS, along the J street side of campus, off Bay Laurel Way behind the Athletics Center.

The Art Sculpture Lab is only accessible with a key FOB during the specified hours:

7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Open Access
7 p.m. – Midnight FOB Access Only
Midnight – 6:59 a.m. Closed

7 a.m. – Midnight FOB Access Only
Midnight – 7:59 a.m. (Sat.) Closed

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. FOB Access Only
6 p.m. – 7:59 a.m. (Sun.) Closed for maintenance.

8 a.m. – 10 p.m. FOB Access Only
10 p.m. – 6:59 a.m. (Mon.) Closed