Pattaratorn Chirapravati, Ph.D., Asian Studies Vice-Director

Department of Art

Kadema Hall 194
(916) 278-3880
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Office hours: on leave for the 2017/2018 academic year

Education: Ph.D., Southeast Asian Art history, Cornell University, 1994.

Area of Specialty: Southeast Asian Art history, SEA history, the mainland SEA (i.e., Thailand, Cambodia and Burma), Indian Art and Philosophy, Buddhist art. Research interests are on the political uses of religious icons and the interpretation of religious practices from art works.

EunMi Cho, Ed.D.

Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, School Psychology, and Deaf Studies

Eureka Hall 403
(916) 278-7547
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Education: Ed.D., International/Multicultural Special Education, University of San Francisco.

Area of Specialty: Bilingual Special Education, research and teacher trainings on special education issues in Asian countries.

David Corner, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Mendocino Hall 3014
(916) 278-6970
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Education: Ph.D., Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Area of Specialty: Philosophy of Religion, Comparative Philosophy, Philosophies of India, Chinese Philosophy.

Joel Dubois, Th.D.

Department of Humanities & Religious Studies

Mendocino Hall 2014
(916) 278-7267
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Education: Th.D., Comparative Religion, Harvard Divinity School, 2001.

Area of Specialty: Hinduism, Buddhism, and comparative religions.

Jeffrey Dym, Ph.D.

Department of History

Tahoe Hall 3099
(916) 278-4425
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Office hours: Wednesday 10 am - 12 pm and Thursday 11 am - 12 pm.

Education: Ph.D., History, University of Hawaii, 1998.

Area of Specialty: Modern Japanese cultural history.

Greg Morae Kim-Ju, Ph.D., Asian Studies Director

Department of Psychology

Amador Hall 351A
(916) 278-6738
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Office hours: Tuesday 1:20-3:45 pm  (Amador 351A) and Thursday 1:20-2:00 pm (Benicia 1004)

Education: Ph.D., Cultural Psychology, Boston College, 2002.

Area of Specialty: Korean national identity and civic engagement.

Kazue Masuyama, Ph.D.

Department of Foreign Languages

Mariposa Hall 2061
(916) 278-5667
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Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 12-1pm, Wednesday 4-5pm, or by appointment

: Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 2002

Area of Specialty: Japanese-language pedagogy, Language assessment, Educational technology, Professional development, Global education, Translation

Sujatha Moni, Ph.D.

Women's Studies Department

Amador Hall 560B
(916) 278-6696

Education: Ph.D., Comparative Literature from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Areas of Specialty: Women’s & Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Drama & Performance theory, Literatures of India, South Asia, Psychoanalysis.

Mitch Numark, Ph.D.

Department of History

Tahoe Hall 3055
(916) 278-5630

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2006.

Area of Specialty: South Asian History.

Myung Hae Park, MFA

Department of Design, Graphic Design

Mariposa Hall 5013
(916) 278-5814

Education: MFA, Graphic Design, Iowa State University.

Area of Specialty: User Interface Design, Graphic Design History, Wayfinding, Branding, Typography.

James DeShaw Rae, Ph.D.

Department of Government

Tahoe Hall 3123
(916) 278-7866
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Office Hours: MWF 9:00 - 9:50 a.m. or by appointment

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, University of Hawai'i, 2005.

Area of Specialty: Politics and Society of China and Southeast Asia, Nation-building in Southeast Asia. Research interests focus on human rights and international law, specifically efforts to promote peace, justice, and reconciliation in post-conflict societies such as Cambodia and East Timor.

Raghuraman Trichur, Ph.D.

Department of Anthropology

Mendocino Hall 4012
(916) 278-7266

Education: Ph.D., Anthropology, Temple University, 2000.

Area of Specialty: South Asia, Political Economy, Colonialism, Nationalism, Globalization, Tourism and Violence.

Michael G. Vann, Ph.D

Department of History

Tahoe Hall 3087
(916) 278-4163 (please do NOT leave voicemail)
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President, French Colonial Historical Society, www.frenchcolonial.org

Education: Ph.D., French Colonial History, 1999.

Area of Specialty: Imperialism and Colonization in Southeast Asia with an emphasis on France in Vietname, History of Race, World History, Film and History, History of Disease, and History of Violence.

Kristina Sakamoto Vassil, Ph.D

Department of Education

Mariposa Hall 2063
(916) 278-6333

Education: Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2011.

Area of Specialty: Modern Japanese literature, prewar Japanese migration to the U.S., Asian American literature and culture, Japanese language pedagogy.


James Chopyak, Ph.D.

Department of Music

Capistrano Hall 125
(916) 278-7493

Education: Ph.D., Columbia Pacific University.

Area of Specialty: Ethnomusicology

Jay Bouton Crain, Ph.D.

Department of Anthropology, Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Area of Specialty: Social Anthropology (Borneo, Trobriand Islands), Medical Anthropology (Singapore, Java)

Lewis Robinson, Ph.D.

Department of Foreign Languages

Mariposa Hall 2051A
(916) 278-4998

Education: Ph.D., Oriental Languages, 1982.

Richard Shek, Ph.D.

Department of Humanities & Religious Studies

Mendocino Hall 2022
(916) 278-5331

Education: Ph.D., History, UC-Berkeley, 1980.

Area of Specialty: Chinese cultural and religious history, with a cross-disciplinary approach based on literature, philosophy, religion, and material culture.


Ken Chinen, Ph.D.

College of Business Administration

Tahoe Hall 2112
(916) 278-6882

Education: Ph.D., New Mexico State University, 2000.

Area of Specialty: International Business Comparative Study of Asian Business.

Serge Lee, Ph.D.

Department of Social Work

Mariposa Hall 5031
(916) 278-5820

Education: Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of Washington, Seattle, 1993.

Area of Specialty: Statistics, Research, International Social Work, mental health, Southeast Asian cultures, immigrants and refugees, and child welfare.

Qiaoming Amy Liu, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology

Amador Hall 455D
(916) 278-7572

Education: Ph.D., Iowa State University.

Area of Specialty: Survey, Needs Assessment, Program Evaluations, and Opinion Polls; Asian Studies and Asian American Studies; Race Relations; Family and Aging; Health and Mental Health; Public Policies

Ravin Pan, Ph.D.

College of Education

Lassen Hall 2200
(916) 278-3776

Education: Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Michigan.

Area of Specialty: Developmental mathematics, curriculum, and mathematics instruction.

Koo Kyung Sook, MFA

Professor of Art Emeritus, Chungnam National University, South Korea

(802) 760-7200
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Education: MFA, Studio Art, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1987.

Area of Specialty: Sculpture, Digital printing, and Painting.