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The Great Hanoi Rat Hunt by Michael G. Vann




The first Japanese Speech Contest in Sacramento

1st Japanese Speech Contest

The first Japanese Speech Contest in the Greater Sacramento Region was successfully held at Sacramento State on Saturday, February 20, 2016. The place was filled with contestants (high school and college students) and their teachers, family members, and friends.

My special thanks go to our Dean Inch for his welcome speech that stressed the importance of public speaking skills and the growth of Japanese language learning in this region. It was followed by the speech by Deputy Consul General Watanabe’s opening remark. These two speeches made this event as the official event and something very special and memorable to participants and audience. I appreciate our Chair Curtis and Erika for assisting the event set-up and refreshment. I am very thankful to Jeff sensei for serving as one of the judges, and Eliot sensei for taking photos! Lastly, thank you, Pat and Greg, for providing gifts to our guests, Deputy Consul General Watanabe and Ms. Tamagawa, Advisor for Educational Affairs at the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco.

Tea Room with Representative Ito

Tea Room with Representative Ito

Representative Ito

Representative Ito Speaking to Students

Asian Studies Professor Michael Vann

Professor Vann, Sac State Asian Studies and History professor, was quoted in the January 27, 2014 Voice of America article 'Communist' Still a Dirty Word in Indonesia. See the article here.

Provost Gossett and Prof. Chirapravati

Provost Gossett and Professor Chiraprivati in Thailand 

Interim Provost Gossett and Professor Pat Chirapravati travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to present President Gonzalez's MOU to the President of Chulaongkorn University.

GrantSac State's Japanese Language Program Receives Grant

Sac State’s Japanese language program received a $20,000 grant from the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco on behalf of the Los Angeles-based Japan Foundation. The grant was provided to help Sac State enhance its Japanese language program. Accepting the check from Acting Consul General Nobuhiro Watanabe, left, were College of Arts and Letters Dean Edward Inch and Professor Kazue Masuyama, Asian Studies and Japanese. See the Facebook post here.

Shadow Puppets and Special Forces

Michael Vann, Ph.D., History Professor and Senior Fulbright Scholar

Professor Vann, Fulbright Scholar at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, had an article on political violence in Java published by The Diplomat. Read the article, "Shadow Puppets and Special Forces: Indonesia’s Fragile Democracy," here.


Mitch Numark, Ph.D., History Professor

His article "The Scottish 'Discovery' of Jainism in Nineteenth-Century Bombay" was published in The Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, Available Online May 2013.  See information on the article here.


Professor Kim-Ju in Sac State Magazine

Professor Greg Kim-Ju, Psychology and Asian Studies, was profiled in the spring 2013 Sac State Magazine. This year marks his 10th year with the university. 

Asian Studies Faculty Receive 2012 - 2013 Outstanding Faculty Awards

  • Sujatha Moni, Asian Studies and Women's Studies, recieved an Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Pat Chirapravati, Asian Studies and Art, received two Outstanding University Service Awards, for the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies and for the College of Arts and Letters
  • Seunghee Wie, Asian Studies and Family and Consumer Sciences, won an Outstanding Community Service Award

Recipients of these awards are recognized for having positively affected the life of the University through their teaching, their service, or their scholarly and creative activities—displaying a consistent and engaging collegiality and a strong commitment to students throughout their careers at California State University, Sacramento. The recipients will be honored at a ceremony and reception on Thursday, March 14, 2013 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, Redwood Room, University Union.


Professor Emeritus Jay Crain: Place, Person and Power: Lundayeh/Lun Bawang and Post-Christian Narratives

Professor Crain co-authored the article for the Sarawak Museum Journal, Vol. LXIX, No. 90 (New Series), 2011. Read the article here.


GrandpaCindi Sturtz Sreetharan, Ph.D., Anthropology, Film Review

Professor Sturtz Sreetharan reviewed A Grandpa from Brazil for Asian Educational Media Service. Read the article here.

James DeShaw Rae, Ph.D., Government, was Part of a Panel Discussion on China-Japan Tensions

Ties between China and Japan have been repeatedly strained by a territorial discussion over a group of islands. The Chinese call them The Diaoyu Islands, while the Japanese call them the Senkaku Islands. The uninhabited five islets are near rich fishing grounds and potentially huge maritime gas fields.
-James Rae, Professor in the Department of Government at California State University-Sacramento and a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the China Foreign Affairs University.
-Liu Youfa, Vice President of the China Institute of International Studies.
-Hajime Izumi, Professor of international relations at the University of Shizouka.
Listen to the discussion on CRIENGLISH.com.

French Hanoi

Michael Vann, Ph.D., History Professor, was Interviewed by The 7th Avenue Project

On Sept. 9, 2012, Professor Vann talked about Vietnam under French rule. Click here to hear the interview.


Prof. Chirapravati in Thailand

Sac State Explores Exchange Programs with Universities inThailand

Sac State representatives met in Thailand in July to explore the possibility of exchange programs between universities in Thailand and Sac State. Professor Chirapravati is pictured with Dean Guido Krickx, Continuining Education; Mr. Toemsakdi Krishanamra, Director of Sasin, Chulalongkorn University; and Dean Edward Inch, College of Arts and Letters. They visited programs at Chulalongkorn and Thammasat Universities.

Sand StupasMaking Merit for the Southeast Asian New Year: Offering of Sand Stupas

See the video by Professor Jeffrey Dym showing Sac State students and Professor Pat Chirapravati creating the sand stupa installation in the Else Gallery



Prix Du Livre CoffretPattaratorn Chirapravati, Ph.D., Asian Studies Chair, Art History Professor

Professor Chirapravati received the Prix du livre-coffret. Her book Divination au royaume de Siam: Le corps, la guerre, le destin (the Thai Bodmer Divination Manuscript: War, Wealth and Destiny), 2011, published by Presses universitaires de France, has received the Prix du livre-coffret at the Nuit de Livre in Paris.

Professor Chirapravati is the winner of the 2012 Faculty Senate Outstanding Scholarly and Creative Activities Award for Arts and Letters.


Professor Vann's Michael Vann, Ph.D., History Professor

Professor Vann's book The Colonial Good Life, A Commentary on Andre Joyeux's  Vision of French Indochina is on display at the Siem Reap International Airport in Cambodia.


Jeffrey Dym and Michael Vann, History Department

Professors Dym and Vann have received a grant for $7,000 to make a short film in Cambodia. This project is part of a larger project on colonial cities in Southeast Asia, to be completed over the next three to five years.

Jeffrey Dym, Ph.D., History Professor

Professor Dym has created 3 videos on Kamishibai, Japanese narrative art.

An examination of Japanese World War II propaganda kamishibai. Unlike American wartime propaganda that focused on killing the enemy, Japanese wartime propaganda emphasized dying for the nation.

What Is Kamishibai?

A brief introduction to this Japanese narrative art.

A guide to how teachers can incorporate kamishibai into effective pedagogical exercises in their classroom.



The French Colonial Mind

 Michael Vann, Ph.D., History Professor

Professor Vann's article "Fear and Loathing in French Hanoi: Colonial White Images and Imaginings of 'Native' Violence" is included in The French Colonial Mind, Volume 2: Violence, Military Encounters and Colonialism, edited by Martin Thomas and published by University of Nebraska Press. The second of two linked volumes, this book brings together prominent scholars of French colonial history to explore the many ways in which brutality and killing became central to the French experience and management of empire.


 Japanese Book Cover

Kazue Masuyama, Ph.D., Japanese Professor

Kazue Masuyama, Foreign Languages, published a book, Learning Language Through Literature 1: Manga ‘Botchan’ (2011). The book is a re-creation of Natsume Sosaki’s Botchan (1906), one of the most popular novels in Japan, for Japanese language and literature education. For more information on the book, visit yumani.co.jp/Botchan-en/.

Professor Masuyama also co-authored a chapter, “U.S. strategies to increase the number of participants in study abroad program” (pp. 87-124), with Misako Takeuchi, and wrote another chapter, “Importance of Japanese language and culture learning overseas: A suggested model based on the U.S. case studies” (pp. 125-142), in Nihon to EU shokoku ni okeru tankiryugaku no tokuchou to koutou kyouiku no kokusaika ni hatasu yakuwari no hikaku kankyu (Comparative Study on Short-term Study Abroad Program and Its Impact on Higher Education in Japan and EU Countries) by Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2011. This project was funded by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research of Japan in 2008-2010.