Respondus and Canvas

Respondus is a test creation and editing program that instructors can use to create or publish exams for use in their SacCT or Canvas courses. Respondus also provides access to their Test Bank Network which contains test banks from many publisher textbooks that instructors can use to easily create exams.

Process for Requesting Software

Faculty and staff that are affiliated with Sac State and will utilize this resource for campus purposes, can download Respondus from the Software for University Owned Device or Software for Personally Owned Device  webpages. Please see Respondus Support webpage for complete instructions.

Importing an Exam to Respondus

The Standard Format

Many instructors will have their exams created as a word document or other type of text file. In order to import an exam from a file (.docx, .txt, .rtf) into Respondus, it must follow a "Standard Format." Depending on the question type, indicators must be added to the exam document to identify the question type and the correct answer choice.

Thus, in order to be able to import the exam into Respondus, they need to edit their document to follow this Standard Format. The following is an example of how to format a multiple choice and/or True/False question:

1. What is the new campus Learning Management System used to deliver online and hybrid courses?

a. My SacState

b. SacCT

*c. Canvas

d. SacLink

e. None of the above

2. The Help option on the Global Navigation menu in Canvas provides both instructors and students with access to a variety of Canvas resources.

*a. True

b. False

Notice, the correct answers are indicated with an asterisk sign and a single space is place between the question number and question as well as after the letter answer choices and answers.  Multiple choice and true/false questions are only some of the question types used in exams thus, it is important that you review the format for all question types.

Use the following resources to learn about each question type and its corresponding format:

Importing an Exam

Follow these steps to import an exam into Respondus:

  1. Edit or create the exam using the Standard Format (see previous section and resources for details).
  2. Open the Respondus program on your computer. If you are opening the program for the first time, you will be prompted to select the Current Personality, select Canvas from the drop down menu. You can edit this option from the Start page as well.
    Start tab in respondus
  3. On the Start page, click the Import Questions button
  4. From the Import Questions window that displays select the following options:
    1. Type of file - Select the format that corresponds to your exam file, plain text, word, rich text, etc.
    2. File Name - Click the Browse button to search and select your exam file from your computer or other storage media
    3. Create a new document named - enter a name for your exam file
    4. Type of file to create - select the Exam radio button
      Import Questions Window
  5. Click the Preview button. Respondus will alert you of any errors and list them in the bottom text field.  If error are found, please correct them on original exam file and re-select the file again using the browse option.

  6. Click Finish to process the exam.

Upon importing the exam successfully, the Edit tab/page in Respondus will display the exam questions. You may edit the questions in Respondus if needed or move on to the next step, Publishing the exam.

Edit Tab in Respondus

For further details about using Respondus options to create an exam read the Creating Tests Using Respondus handout.

Publish an Exam to Canvas

Once you have successfully imported an exam file to Respondus, you are ready to Publish your exam to Canvas. Please note, before publishing the exam, the instructor can use the Settings tab/page to input their exam availability and other settings. If the settings are not entered in Respondus, the instructor can add them later from the Quiz Details page in Canvas.

If you are ready to publish an exam to Canvas follow these steps:

  1. In Respondus, open the Preview and Publish tab/page. You can Preview the exam if needed at this point by selecting Preview the File button.
  2. Click Publish to Blackboard option on left hand side menu, then click the Publish Wizard button.
    Preview and Publish Tab
  3. At the Publish Wizard, locate the Canvas Server drop down menu and select Add new server.
    Add new server
  4. Click radio button option, “Yes, check for preconfigured server settings” and Click Next
    Choose Pre-configured Server
  5. The Choose Server prompt will display. Select Canvas at Sac State from the drop down menu, and Click OK.
  6. Enter a name to describe the Canvas server (i.e. Canvas Production).
  7. Enter saclink username and password.
  8. Click the Save my Username and Password checkbox (not recommended if using a public computer).
    Enter Server Settings
  9. Click Next to run connection test.
  10. A Canvas Authorization prompt will display. Login using your saclink username and password.
    Enter Saclink Account in Authorization Window
  11. A Script Error prompt that reads “Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?” may display the first time you are using Respondus with Canvas. Click “Yes” to proceed to next step.
    Script Error
  12. At the Canvas prompt that reads “Respondus is requesting access to your account.” verify your name and email address and select “Authorize.”
    Authorize Canvas Prompt
  13. A Script Error prompt may display again. Click “Yes” to proceed to next step.
    Second Script Error
  14. At the Preconfigured Server Settings Wizard, the results of the “Connection Test” will display. Select Next.
  15. Click Finish to complete server settings setup.
    Finish Server Settings Setup
  16. On the Publish Wizard window you will need to select several options for your quiz:
    Publish Settings
    1. Select Assessment Type - Graded Quiz
    2. Specify server action and item name - prefilled with the name you provided during the initial step in the import process.
    3. Other Options
      1. Apply Question Groups (not supported for surveys or questions banks)
      2. Apply Settings (not supported for question banks) - choose this option if you entered settings such as attempt number, duration, due date during quiz setup in Respondus.
  17. Click Next. Below “Click on the area or folder to publish to, then press [Next], select the folder that corresponds to your course name.
    Pick Course and Location Settings
  18. Select Next.
    Completing Publishing
  19. The exam will take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes to finish processing. The status window will read “Publish Completed Successfully” when process has finalized. Click Finish when process is complete.

 Quiz Posted to Canvas

Check the Canvas course, the test/quiz will display in the Quizzes index page. Review the Quiz to ensure accuracy in settings or to add settings if you did not complete this in Respondus. Finally, when ready, Publish the Quiz to make it available to students