Turnitin is an online plagiarism prevention resource for instructors and students concerned with developing quality writing and research skills. Selected and employed properly, this resource may help promote better student writing practices and feedback on performance in many forms of writing. By utilizing the Turnitin platform, students are being taught to problem solve, collaborate, review peer writing and think more deeply about the formative process of writing.

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When using Turnitin, instructors can view what kind of resources students are using in their writing. It can help reveal where the content is coming from so that the student and the instructor can assess if it is properly cited. While the program will not be able to highlight if something is properly cited, it will highlight all matched source material for a quick visual overview.

The primary use of any plagiarism prevention software ought to be educational. Anti-plagiarism technology cannot prove plagiarism or acquit an author suspected of plagiarizing. Only the individual assessment of the instructor can make such a judgment.

Key Features

  • OriginalityCheck - An aide that can be used most effectively to assist students in deepening their understanding of how and when to appropriately attribute work to others. Video: Viewing the Similarity Report
  • GradeMark - Web-based review and markup of documents and rubrics. Video: About GradeMark
  • PeerMark - Peer-review via a Web-based reader. Video: About PeerMark

How can I learn more about TurnItIn?

Turnitin Support Website: https://www.csus.edu/atc/tools//turnitin/index.html

Handouts and Tutorials for Instructors using Canvas

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