Basic Needs

Welcome to the Basic Needs webpage. Here, you will find a variety of resources to meet the housing, food and financial needs of students. Basic Needs are the minimum necessary elements that people need in order to succeed in their goals; these include food, clothing, shelter, safety. If you are experiencing challenges with food access, housing, or finances, Sacramento State wants to ensure you have resources available to you in your time of need.

We know that Basic Needs security is essential to academic success. We encourage you to leverage your resources and utilize the options on this Basic Needs Website.

Throughout the website, you will see tips on how to use these resources in order to address Basic Needs Challenges. We hope that you leverage all your resources creatively and in a way that works for you, we know that there are many ways to be a student (full-time vs. part-time, students with children, students with disabilities, students without parental support, students without FAFSA aid, etc.), so creating a plan unique to your needs is important.

If you have questions or need assistance creating your Basic Needs Support plan, please contact our Case Manager, Danielle Munoz at or 916-278-6060.