ADT = Associate Degree for Transfer, 2 kinds of ADT: AA-T = Associate in Arts for Transfer & AS-T = Associate in Science for Transfer

  1. Be in Good Standing at the last college or university attended
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 if the applicant is within our local service area*. If the applicant is outside of our local service area* the academic characteristics of the transfer applicant pool will determine the GPA minimum.
  3. Complete by the end of Spring (for Fall admission) or the end of Summer (for Spring admission), with a grade of C- or higher:
    1. A1. Oral Communication
    2. A2. Written Communication
    3. A3. Critical Thinking
    4. B4. Math (above intermediate algebra)
    5. Complete at least 30 units in CSU General Education (GE) requirement or IGETC, including the above courses.
    6. Complete at least 60 transferable semester units or 90 quarter units, including the above.
    7. At least 18 of those units must be major-specific course-work
  4. Meet all admissions and major requirements for the CSU campus
    1. Submit all admission application materials by the posted deadlines
  5. Get your degree evaluated
  6. If your major is impacted, apply for the program ON TOP OF applying for the CSU. Neither the AA-T nor the AS-T guarantees you admission to your specific major. Submit all application materials by the posted deadlines.
    1. More expensive and more competition to enroll in lower division coursework at Sacramento State
    2. Upon arrival at Sac State, you should only have upper division coursework to finish
  8. Upper Division Transfer students are NOT required to take the Entry Level Math (ELM) or English Placement Test (EPT). Your successful completion of college-level math and English courses will satisfy placement requirements. Please note that taking the placement tests cannot be used in lieu of college-level math and English courses for admission eligibility. Upon verification of your eligibility, these items will be removed from your Student Center "to do" list.
  9. *Local Admission Area: A student transferring with the majority of units from one or more of the following community colleges is considered in our local admission area: American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento City, Sierra, San Joaquin Delta, Solano, Woodland, and Yuba.

A. No, Sac State encourages students to meet with an Admissions counselor to discuss what classes will transfer into Sac State.

A. Yes, the guide sheets were created to help students have a smooth transition. Major advisors from Sac State have reviewed the sheets, so it is encouraged to complete the green-colored courses at a community college prior to transfer. 

A. Sac State highly encourages students to meet with their major advisor once a semester until graduation.