Family Support

Freshman Year of High School

  • Discuss opportunities for your child to attend college 
  • Discuss the importance of taking Math for all four years of high school, even if it is not required  
  • Research the differences between community colleges, CSUs, UCs and private schools 
  • Meet with high school counselors to learn more about college 
  • Visit the FASFA website to learn about ways to pay for college 
  • Understand A-G requirements

Sophomore Year of High School 

  • Sign up for college tours
  • Encourage your child to sign up for the PSAT
  • Emphasis the importance of maintaining a good GPA throughout high school 

Junior Year of High School

  • Encourage your child to take SAT and/or ACT in his/her junior year to allow time for retakes in the future 
  • Check to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver for the SAT and/or ACT
  • Encourage your child to take the SAT, ACT, EAP and AP/IB exams seriously 
  • Understand how certain scores on the SAT, ACT and AP/IB exams can exempt your student from taking extra courses in college 
  • Visit the colleges your child are interested in to learn more about what the various campuses have to offer 
  • Your taxes from the previous year are required for your child’s Financial Aid application!

Senior Year of High School 

  • Understand the results of the SAT, ACT and AP/IB exams 
  • Help your student apply for college admission for CSUs and/or ( UCs
  • Based on your income, your child may be eligible for an application fee waiver . This waiver allows the student to apply up to 4 CSUs for free.   
  • Help your child file for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before the deadlines – some sections need YOUR information!  
  • Fill out all forms for your child's Sac State Financial Aid on top of applying online
  • Explore on and off-campus housing and transportation options early

Student Success at Sac State 

  • Sign up for the Parents & Families Program at Sac State
  • Encourage your child to take "15 units to finish in 4 years"! It costs the same amount of tuition to take 15 units versus 12 units each semester.  
  • Help your child apply for FAFSA each year. Your taxes from the previous year are required for your child’s Financial Aid application!
  • Check up on your student after their first semester to increase their chances of retention  
  • Do research about tuition fees, loans, scholarships and grants