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The California Promise at Sac State

The California Promise Program is a commitment on behalf of the California State University system to support entering first-year students and transfer students in the timely completion of their degrees through pledge programs.

At Sacramento State, the “California Promise” is delivered through the “Finish in Four” program for first-year students and the “Through in Two” program for transfer students. These programs provide incentives and support for students who commit to taking a minimum number of units per year with the goal of completing their degrees in 4 years or 2 years, respectively.

Finish in Four

For first-year students entering Sacramento State in the fall semester of 2017.


  • Enroll in at least 30 units per year, including summer session.
  • Attend summer session classes, if needed, for “on-track” course completion within a calendar year.
  • Meet with general advisor, graduation advisor, or major advisor once per semester to review courses and degree planning.
  • Keep “on-track” with degree road map as determined by the Academic Requirements Report.
  • Maintain a current and overall GPA of at least 2.0 each semester of enrollment until the completion of my degree.


  • Priority registration for fall semester, spring semester and summer session classes to keep “on-track.”
  • Grants of up to $1,000 for summer session courses.
  • In-person appointments with an advisor each semester to review courses and degree progression. 
  • The Sac State Rewards Program, which provides incentives to stay “on-track” through vouchers and discounts for campus goods and services.