CSUS BioInventory

A Comprehensive Inventory of the Plant, Animal, and Fungal Life Found on the SacState Campus

Introduction and History

Bioinventory of the SacState Campus began formally with Dr. M. Baad's floral list for the University () Arboretum.   The floral inventory was expanded to the entire campus by Masters candidate D. Popp (1991).  Dr. G.O. Graening and the Fall 2005 BIO-279 Class assembled this and other readily available data and entered it into a database (Microsoft Excel 2002).  This intramural, interdisciplinary bioinventory is an ongoing project that has not yet exhaustively listed the species richness of the SacState Campus.  We welcome any submission of well-documented species' occurrences not yet listed in the Checklist.

SacState Bioinventory Checklist

Plantings of the University Arboretum

How to Submit a New Species Record

Data Sources

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