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Our visual identity – which includes logos, colors, fonts, and design elements – helps others see and recognize us as uniquely Sacramento State. Understanding our visual identity and applying it consistently to all our communications helps make a positive impact.

Identity Style Guide

The identity style guide details the standards for Sacramento State’s visual identity. The guidelines are designed to improve visual consistency across all communications, but also to be flexible for the varying needs of the campus.

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Applying the Brand Identity

Sacramento State has many different voices and uses a wide variety of media to tell our story. From photography, video, and web to the creation and usage of special marks, the identity guide explains how to apply the Sacramento State identity in these different forms.

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Advertising Guidelines

These guidelines keep our advertisements visually related with standard footers and logo placement. Updated advertising samples and updated footer options are coming soon; in the meantime, consult these interim guidelines.

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Best Practices

When using social media and mobile technology, there are no hard and fast rules. We do recommend the following best practices.

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