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What we say and how we say it represent our very nature, and the way in which we communicate reinforces it. The brand platform drills down to who we are and what makes us shine. These highlights and proof points can be used in all types of communications. Editorial and media relations guidelines help direct the "how"

Brand Platform

Our brand platform captures the very essence of Sacramento State. It defines our core principles, unique differentiators, personality, and voice. It is the source from which we draw information and guidance for all University communications.

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Points of Pride

From award-winning academics and nationally ranked internships to unbeatable volunteerism and an impressively tree-adorned campus, we have a lot to share and brag about. This document serves to collect and highlight those points that support our ongoing story of success. It is meant to be a living document, with frequent updates and new additions – so check back often. If you have points of pride to share, please send them to us! Email us your points of pride.

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Editorial Style

The Sacramento State editorial style guide is a reference for all written copy regarding University-specific style choices and guidelines.

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Visit our News Page

For journalists and the media, visit our media relations pages.

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