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A four-year University for today’s world, Sacramento State is essential to our region. It is the place to learn, connect, and be part of the fabric of our city, our state, and beyond. It stands for opportunity and for making a difference. At Sacramento State, our students, staff, faculty, and alumni redefine the possible.

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Redefine the Possible™

At Sacramento State, we foster an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and cultural enrichment, and a passion for new possibilities. We are dedicated to the advancement of ideas and innovations to improve the lives of those in our community and beyond.

We take pride in our role as California’s capital university, and we believe there are no limits to the potential each of us has for excellence and success. Our students define themselves through their own efforts and achievements. They are empowered by faculty and staff who share their transformative ideals. Our graduates have the knowledge, guidance and expertise to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Through our collective success, we pay back countless dividends to the Sacramento region and deliver the next generation of leaders who are prepared for a new era. We redefine the possible every day at Sacramento State. This is our promise to students, faculty and staff, and to the community at large.