December 12, 2005

Housing survey shows interest in University Village

The campus community gives a “thumbs up” to the idea of University housing close to campus.

More than 550 faculty, staff and administrators responded to a recent University Enterprises survey to assess interest for the proposed University Village project south of campus. And of those nearly 70 percent said they would be interested, including almost 120 respondents who asked to “Hold my spot.”

Of those faculty who said yes, 60 percent said they have considered leaving the University over housing issues and their primary dissatisfaction with their current housing situation was that they did not own their own homes and were too far away from the campus.

The survey was further analyzed to determine what those who are interested in the Village would be looking for. It showed respondents wanted to buy rather than rent and that the ideal new home would be a 1,200 to 1,599-square-foot, three bedroom, two-bath, single-family home.

Staff seemed particularly interested in the project, making up more than 57 percent of those who expressed an interest. Interested employees were also:

  • Full-time employees (87 percent) who had been on campus from four to six years (27 percent), one to three years (25.8 percent) and more than 10 years (23.7 percent).
  • From two-adult households (55 percent) and most had no children (67 percent).
  • Nearly equally split among those currently rent (51.5 percent) and those who own (48.5 percent) and most were satisfied with their current housing situation (46 percent).

According to the survey by far the most attractive asset of the planned complex would be its closeness to campus, cited by 75 percent of those expressing an interest. But nearly 30 percent of those expressed interest said they already live within one to four miles of the campus, while 16 percent live more than 20 miles away. Only 18 percent said that distance from the campus is the reason for their dissatisfaction with their current situation.

Among interested parties, their preferences in housing are overwhelmingly to own (92 percent) a single family home (69 percent.) The second housing choice was a duplex or triplex. Condominium/Townhouse was second in both first and second choices. Most prefer a three-bedroom (53 percent) two-bath (61 percent) with between 1,200 to 1,599 square-feet (38 percent) at a mortgage of less than $1,500 per month (60 percent).

Other questions asked about employees’ current housing, how they get to campus, amenities home owners might seek such as garages and security, and community assets such as parks, a school, and a fitness center. Affordability (91 percent) and proximity to campus (75 percent) were the most highly valued benefits with access to light rail (75 percent) and university affiliation (69 percent) also standing out as significant values for future residents.

University Village is planned for land between Folsom Blvd. and Power Inn Road that formerly housed a California Youth Authority facility. The initial plan calls for a combination of rental apartments, and for-sale condominium or townhouses, and single family homes specifically for Sacramento State faculty and staff.

University Enterprises Development Group will use the survey results to shape plans for the proposed Village. After a series of additional opportunities for campus community input, the project could be ready for occupancy as early as the 2008-09 academic year.

Complete survey results are available on the University Enterprises website at


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