September 2, 2008
Sacramento State Bulletin

Campus Announcements

Are You Ready?
As part of National Emergency Preparedness Month, Sacramento State will join with the Council for Excellence in Government to test the “Readiness Quotient” of the campus community.

The Council for Excellence in Government worked with the Department of Homeland Security, The American Red Cross, and The Citizen Corps to develop a quick two-minute test that examines how people think they would respond during a weather emergency, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. Your individual results will show immediately after the test, and the aggregate results will appear in the Bulletin at the end of the month.

The test is available to members of the campus and the region. It is located at Also, the fourth annual Emergency Preparedness Fair will be held in the Library Quad,l10 a.m.-2 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 25. For more information, contact Risk Management Services at 278-6456 or
Submitted by Risk Management Services

Serna celebration
The Serna Center will host its first fundraising event 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 4 at Revolution Wines, 2116 P St. The center is named for the late Sacramento mayor and Sacramento State professor Joe Serna and his late wife, Isabel who was also a professor at the University. Joe Serna’s son Phil will speak at the event and Serna Center’s scholarship recipients will be in attendance. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased by calling the center at 278-4512.
Submitted by the Serna Center

Farewell Event
Information Resources and Technology is hosting a farewell reception for Jeanette Norton, 3:30-5:30 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 3, in the University Union Ballroom I.

Norton, the IRT associate vice president, administrative computing services and CMS campus director, has more than 32 years of state service. She has been with Sacramento State since 2002. Prior to that, she worked at Sacramento City College and CSU Long Beach. She is moving to New Haven, Conn., where she will be working at Yale University.

A farewell card will be available to sign in the IRT administration office (AIRC 3010) and contributions for a gift are being accepted. Contact Deb Hobbs at 278-3701 for information. For event details, visit:
Submitted by Information Resources and Technology

Faculty reports available
The Office of Institutional Research compiles three special reports each summer to show information on faculty workload during the fall ’07-Spring ’08 year. These reports are based on the Academic Planning Data Base which is submitted to and approved by the Chancellor’s Office.

The Instructional Cost Report, combined with information from human resources, calculates the personnel costs directly associated with instruction. The Faculty Course Assignment Report displays the faculty members who taught in fall ’07 and spring ’08 and shows courses and sections the faculty taught in, student course credits, section enrollment, and FTE. The Full-time and Part-time Faculty Ratio Report contains four different tabulations of the ratio. The ratios are aggregated at the department, college, and University levels.

For a detailed look at the reports visit
For information contact the Office of Institutional Research at 278-6566.
Submitted by the Office of Institutional Research

Film screenings
The films, Sweetland and In America, will be screened in September as part of the One Book Program extra-curricular events. The films will be shown Sept. 12 and 24 respectively. They are part of the "Who is an American?: An American Immigrants Film Series" presented by English Department professor Hellen Lee-Keller and the Multicultural Center. For event details go to or call the Community Engagement Center, 278-4610.
Submitted by the Community Engagement Center

Tax Shelter Annuity (403(b)) program changes
Current enrollees in the CSU Tax Shelter Annuity program received a notice from the CSU Chancellor’s Office in August regarding changes effective Jan. 1, 2009. This notice indicated that there will be several administrative rules and policy changes that will affect participants. In addition, there will be a substantial change in the number of vendor/fund options available.

Individuals who are interested in participating in these programs for the remainder of 2008 should note that the CSU company vendor listing will change Jan. 1, 2009.

The Benefits Office will distribute information when it is available. Enrollees and individuals interested in participating in this program are encouraged to check their mail and email for announcements distributed by the Office of Human Resources. We expect to have additional information in September.

If you are a current enrollee (a contribution is being deducted from your check each month), and you have not received a notice from the CSU regarding this program, check that the University has your correct address by reviewing your My Sac State at Contact the Benefits Office at 278-6213 to request information.
Submitted by the Office of Human Resources

Cash in lieu of benefits (FlexCash Plan)
Employees who are eligible for healthcare benefits and are covered by another non-CSU health/dental plan may opt to waive the CSU benefits and receive a cash reimbursement of up to $140. This program is an optional benefit plan that allows members to receive only the coverage needed. Members who waive medical and/or dental insurance coverage, receive additional cash in their paycheck each month. The FlexCash payment is treated as taxable income and is subject to payroll taxes as regular salary.

Individuals interested in enrolling should ensure that their medical and dental needs are met before choosing the FlexCash Plan. If you decide to waive the CSU medical and/or dental coverage, you will be required to certify on the FlexCash Enrollment Authorization form that you have alternative non-CSU medical and/or dental coverage.

This benefit can only be paid on a prospective basis. You must enroll by the eighth of the month for the following month’s coverage. Contact the Benefits Office for additional information at 278-6213.
Submitted by the Office of Human Resources

Human Resources

Open enrollment announcement
This year, the 2008 open enrollment period is from Sept. 15 through Oct. 10, 2008. The effective date of all open enrollment transactions will be Jan. 1, 2009.

In preparation for this event, health plan statements and open enrollment packets are being distributed to CalPERS health plan enrollees at their home addresses.  The open enrollment packet includes a personalized health plan statement, a copy of the open enrollment newsletter, plus benefit and rate information for 2009.

The rate information in the open enrollment packet does not include the employer contribution.  The 2009 monthly premium rate chart can be downloaded at
Submitted by the Office of Human Resources

Faculty benefits orientations
The Office of Human Resources-Benefits has scheduled several faculty benefit orientations throughout September and October. These workshops provide a comprehensive review of the CSU benefits package.

In order to better fit the schedules of faculty, workshops are divided into separate categories -- Healthcare and Supplemental Benefits, and CalPERS retirement and the CSU Supplemental Retirement programs. Each session is one hour. Sessions are scheduled for Sept. 5, 10, 23, 26 and Oct. 8, 22, and 24. Contact the Benefits Office to reserve a space. Spouses and domestic partners are welcome to attend. The workshop will be cancelled 20 minutes after the posted start time if there are no attendees.

Download the workshop schedule at Members who are not eligible for healthcare benefits are encouraged to attend the one hour presentation on retirement and supplemental retirement programs. 
Submitted by the Office of Human Resources

Catastrophic leave donation program
Sacramento State employees may voluntarily donate to other employees up to a maximum of 40 hours of sick or vacation leave credits each fiscal year in one-hour increments. Bargaining Units 1, 8, 10 and 11 may only donate up to 16 hours per fiscal year. If employees are interested in donating time, a donation form can be obtained at, or by visiting the Human Resources Disability Leaves office in Sacramento Hall 162, or by calling 278-3522.

The following employees have been approved for the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program:
Martha Jean, University Transportation & Parking
Nancy Hackbart, Career Center
Carolyn Ann Hollahan, Academic Information Resource Center
Christine Kellerman, College of Health & Human Services


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