2018-2019 Calendar

Future Town Hall Meetings:

Higher Education

April 12, 2019

Think about the changes that have occurred in the higher education system. Are high schools doing an adequate job of preparing students to enter the college system? As a student, do you feel comfortable about the college applica-tion process? What are your thoughts on college tuition and what changes would you make? What are your thoughts on standardized testing? Experts in different areas of the higher education system will come together and have a discussion with students, gathering feedback from student’s thoughts and ideas on potential changes as well as explaining what direction California is headed.

Past Town Hall Meetings:

A Collaborative Approach to Justice

February 15, 2019

California drug courts are a treatment oriented approach within the justice system and seek to reduce recidivism through alternative sentencing models. County social work-ers, Probation Officers, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, and a Judge all work together with the participant as a group the execute such a model. What is your opinion of such an approach to justice? Are there aspects of this model that you agree or disagree with? At this event, students and teachers will have an opportunity to learn more about drug courts in California.