Capital Fellows DC Fellowship

A unique opportunity exists for current Capital Fellows to take their experience to the next level. Since 1992 the California State University has funded a Federal-State Relations Fellowship, commonly known as the DC Fellowship. The Center for California Studies administers this ten-month paid fellowship which allows a fellow to work in the Washington, D.C. offices of the California Institute for Federal Policy Research. The DC Fellowship offers:

  •    A 11-month paid fellowship that includes additional stipend funds for moving and bi-coastal travel, a cost-of-living allowance, and continued full benefits.
  •    Provide key research studies for the 53 Members of the California Congressional Delegation
  •    Learn the important federal issues in a bipartisan setting in a job with wide discretion and responsibilities
  •    Study and advocate public policy positions that will benefit California

The California Institute is a nonprofit, bipartisan organization established in 1991 by the California Congressional Delegation.  The purpose of the Institute is to study issues affecting California and to advocate positions that will benefit the state (see   Applications are limited to current (2017-18) Assembly, Executive, Judicial Administration and Senate Fellows after they have successfully completed their Capital Fellowship.

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What Is It?

The DC Fellowship is a great opportunity to learn about the federal government while working with California’s Congressional delegation.  The California Institute’s director, Mary Beth Sullivan, is an experienced mentor who provides the DC Fellow wide discretion and responsibilities.  The Institute is a small operation and the DC Fellow is always a critical player.

Application information to be announced soon