Assembly Fellowship Program

Assembly fellows participate in an intensive six-week orientation to prepare for their ten-month office placement. Fellows learn the legislative process and current policy issues from senior legislative staff and other key decision makers. As part of the office placement process, fellows have the diversity of the Assembly's 80 Member offices to be matched with. Fellows serve as a Legislative Aide in a Member's personal office or as a Committee Consultant for a policy or fiscal committee. Each fellow is paired with a senior-level staff person, typically the Chief of Staff or Legislative Director, who mentors him/her throughout the year. A fellow's responsibilities may include:

  •   Facilitating bills through the legislative process
  •   Advising the Member on policy issues (researching and analyzing policy), and making vote recommendations
  •   Preparing speeches and press releases
  •   Representing the Member at meetings and events
  •   Working with constituents, lobbyists and other groups

Assembly fellows attend weekly seminars and receive six graduate units from the Government Department at California State University, Sacramento. Academic seminar exposes fellows to the theoretical aspects of political science with an emphasis on the experiential and practical issues they encounter in their placement offices. Fellows focus on public policy issues facing California through policy debates and policy analysis papers. Seminar topics include: Term Limits, Legislative Decision Making, Local Government and Proposition 13, Initiative Process, Campaign Finance, and the Role of Lobbyists.

Additional info

If you have questions about the Assembly Fellowship Program please contact:
Pam Chueh, Director at (916) 278-6906 or email: