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2010 National Association of Secretaries of State Medallion Award recipient

In a democratic society an important purpose of schools is the preparation of students for their involvement in civic life. Today it is more important than ever that students leaving high school have a basic understanding of public issues and have the ability to participate fully in the political process. In order to do this they must be able to think critically, exercise sound judgment, and care about the rights and welfare of their fellow citizens.

The LegiSchool Project is a civic education collaboration between California State University, Sacramento, and the California State Legislature, administered by the Center for California Studies.  The Project's mission is to engage young people in matters of public policy and state government by creating opportunities for students and state leaders to meet and share ideas on the problems affecting Californians. Check out our newsletter for a listing of this year's activities. Or visit our blog to stay up-to-date on LegiSchool happenings.

Core activities coordinated and administered by
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All LegiSchool curriculum materials and videotapes are available to educators at no charge. Please contact for more information.

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