About the Center's Research

The Center is committed to assisting California’s public officials and policymakers in addressing the state’s challenges through policy research and productive dialogue.

The Center’s efforts toward that goal include the following programs and activities:

  •   The Faculty Research Fellows Program, which leverages the applied research capacity of the California State University system to conduct policy research on questions of immediate interest to policymakers in state government.
  •   The Education Policy Fellowship Program, which provides professional development for annual cohorts of policy staff and education professionals from around the state.
  •   The California Elections Data Archive (CEDA), which  is the only statewide database that collects, tabulates and reports candidate and ballot measure results for all local elections.
  •   The annual Envisioning California conference, which brings together government officials, academics, advocates, the media, and other interested individuals to engage in productive dialogue around a specific California policy topic.
  •   The annual Legislative Staff Management Institute, which trains legislative staff from California and other states in leadership and management skills.
  •   The California State Government Oral History Program, which records the stories, observations, and perspectives of state government officials, and makes them available to researchers, the media, and the general public.
  •   The Center’s Visiting Scholar program, which connects an academic professional to the Center to conduct research on a relevant state policy topic, and promulgates that research through a public symposium and other outlets.

In addition, the Center is involved with a number of one-time programs and projects that advance research and productive dialogue. For example, the Center has co-sponsored various conferences and symposia, political debates, and other public events.

The Center is part of the SSIS Research Consortium at Sacramento State.