The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)is a federally funded program designed to help students from migrant and seasonal farm-worker backgrounds succeed in college. CAMPat Sacramento Statewas establishedin 1981 and has helped hundreds of students accomplish their academic, personal and professional goals. CAMP’s dedicated stafffacilitate the transition from high school to college and offer students first-year support services to develop the skills necessary to persist and graduate. Together, students enroll in a Learning community (cohort style/first semester), form study groups, share housing, socialize and participate in many academic, professional and cultural activities. Many students attribute their success in great part to the “Home Away From Home” environment the program strives to offer. CAMP students complete their first year and graduateatahigherratethanotherstudents.


CAMP’s mission is to increase the number of students from migrant and seasonal farm-worker backgrounds transform their lives by attending a four-year college and attaining a post-secondary degree.


CAMP’s goal is to continue to address issues of identification, academic preparation, and professional advancement to ensure all students with a migrant and seasonal farm-worker background have a successful first year completion and second year enrollment. CAMP’s dedicated staff is committed to meet the program’s goal by:

  • Conducting early outreach and pre-admission services
  • Providing guidance through the admissions, financial aid and housing process
  • Developing a four-year academic plan to ensure a timely graduation
  • Requiring study hours and meetings with academic tutors
  • Introducing major/career exploration, career-related job and internship opportunities
  • Establishing on-campus partnerships to ensure access to personal counseling
  • Ensuring the CAMP Office feels like a “Home Away from Home”