Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to participate in the CAMP program?

To be eligible to participate in the CAMP program either you or at least one parent must be a seasonal or migrant farm worker. The applicant must also demonstrate the need for support services. In addition, you must be in the process of completing a high school diploma, a California resident, show financial need, and must have applied to Sacramento State.

What is the difference between seasonal and migrant?

a. Seasonal farm worker” means a person who, currently or within the past 24 months, was employed for at least 75 days in farm work, and whose primary employment was in farm work on a temporary or seasonal basis (that is, not a constant year-round activity).
b. “Migrant farm worker” means a person whose employment requires travel that prevents him or her from returning to his or her home within the same day

When is the EOP Admissions deadline?

October 1st – November 30th PRIORITY deadline.

Do I have to pay to apply to Sacramento State and CAMP?

The application fee is $55 to apply to any state university. A fee waiver is available to eligible students. You can fill out the form electronically through when you apply for college admission. You do not have to pay an additional fee to apply to the CAMP program.

What do I do first?

The first step is to apply for admission to Sacramento State. It’s easier and quicker to apply online. Apply now at Create a login account and remember to write it down before you forget it. If eligible, do not forget to apply to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). It is the last couple of pages of the college application on the CSU mentor website.

How do I apply to CAMP?

Applying to CAMP is a multi-step process. Begin by applying for admission to Sacramento State, followed by the CAMP application. The CAMP application can be downloaded in PDF by going to the CAMP website at If you do not have internet or printer access, you may also consult your migrant education counselor for a paper application or simply call us at (916) 278-7241 to request one by mail.

What do I need to submit with my CAMP application?

You must submit your CAMP application along with official transcripts that show your 7th semester of high school. At the end of your senior year you will submit your transcripts which will show your 7th and 8th semesters of high school. You also need to submit:
• SAT/ACT scores
• Signed copies of parent’s most recent federal income tax return and W-2 forms
• Wallet size or larger black & white or color picture. No photocopies please
• Autobiography. (Instructions are inside of application)
• Personal Questionnaire
• Two letters of recommendation
• Signed copy of your social security card
• Copy of your residency card (front and back), if applicable
• Copy of your parents’ residency card (front and back), if applicable
• Copy of parents’ driver’s license
• Copy of parents’ social security card

How soon will I hear about the status of my admission to Sacramento State and the College Assistance Migrant Program?

You will hear from CAMP approximately 2 weeks after you submit your complete application submission via a letter. You must also check your mysacstate account by logging in to the website at for acceptance to Sacramento State. It will take a couple of weeks to receive admission acceptance notification on the mysacstate system; however, it is recommended that you check your account on a regular basis.

What if I haven’t registered for the SAT/ACT?

Register immediately. Even if you have not registered yet, make sure you apply to CAMP and submit as many of the required documentation to save your space. Once you receive your SAT/ACT scores, you can send them to the CAMP office.

When will I know if I am admitted

If admitted to the CAMP program, you will first receive an acceptance letter from the program approximately 2 weeks after you submit your completed application.
• Then, you must accept admission to Sacramento State by logging on to with your saclink account.
• Then you will click on the “application status” link.
• Next to the “admitted” title click on the “accept admission” link, and either “accept” or “decline admission”. Once you have accepted admission to Sacramento State, you have been officially admitted.

How can I maximize my chances to get admitted to CAMP?

Fully completing your CAMP application and turning it in as soon as possible will speed up the process and will increase your chances of getting admitted. Also, make sure that you take the SAT and/or ACT and the EPT/ELM.
• If you are a senior: take your SAT/ACT and placement exams and apply for scholarships
• If you are a junior: take the Pre SAT/ACT, ensure that you are on the college prep track, apply for scholarships, and inform yourself about colleges and universities.
• If you are a sophomore or freshman: Meet with your counselors, familiarize yourself with the A-G requirements, take College Preparatory (CP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, involve yourself in school activities, and community services.

What are the admission requirements?

You can be admitted to CAMP one of two ways:
1. Regular Admission
• You must have completed your A-G requirements with a letter grade of “C” or better and must have a GPA of at least 2.0 or better.
• You must have taken either the SAT, ACT, or both.
• You must have also taken the EPT (English Placement Test) and ELM (Entry Level Math).
2. Special Admission
• If you did not complete all the college preparatory courses and other requirements, you may still qualify for admission.
• CAMP is looking for students who have a 2.5 G.P.A. or higher and who can demonstrate a commitment to succeed.

When should I apply for admission to CAMP?

October 1st - November 30th is the initial filing period for the fall term at Sacramento State. Sac State may accept applications after the filing period, but it is advisable to apply as early as possible because acceptance of applications is subject to close at any time. You should apply for admission to CAMP immediately after you apply for admission at Sacramento State. *Note: CAMP admits on a first come, first serve basis as long as you have submitted a Sacramento State application for admission. There are only 80 slots available and spaces fill up quickly.

How will CAMP help me?

CAMP can help with academic, career and personal counseling. The program also focuses on helping first time freshmen transition successfully from high school to college. As a CAMP student you can also take advantage of services such as:
• Tutoring
• Opportunity to socialize
• “A family away from home environment”

Do I need to send in SAT or ACT results if I have a high GPA?

Yes. You must still take either the SAT or ACT. ACT or SAT results are required of ALL California residents whose GPA is less or higher than a 3.00. Reason being is that SAT or ACT test results are used for possible Math (ELM) and English (EPT) exemption.

Why do I need to take the EPT and ELM?

You must take the EPT and ELM to identify your placement in English and math classes for registration. The cost is $18 for each test or $36 for both. You must take both exams prior to enrolling in your first semester. Failure to do so will prevent you from registering in English and math classes.

Can I receive money to go to college?

Federal and state funding is available to help you pay for college expenses. These expenses include fees tuition, books and supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous living expenses you will have when attending college. However, to be considered for financial aid, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available every year and can be submitted no earlier than January 1st. Applying online with FAFSA on the Web at is faster and easier than using a paper FAFSA. To maximize your aid you should file by the priority deadline, March 2nd. Usually, the federal and state funds received through the FAFSA are not enough to cover the full cost of a student's education. That is why it is equally as important that you also apply for grants administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).
The website for the California Student Aid Commission Cal Grant website is:

Do I need to be a legal resident or U.S. citizen to apply to the FAFSA?

Yes. To be eligible for FAFSA you must be a legal resident or citizen of the United States. However, you can visit to apply for scholarships that don’t require a social security number or legal status to apply. You can also search the following websites for aid:

When should I apply for financial aid?

It is between January 1st and March 2nd.

What types of aid can I expect to receive?

There are four basic types of aid: grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study.
GRANTS - include Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Equal Opportunity Grant, ACG grant, SMART grant, Cal Grant A and B grants, EOP grant, CAMP stipend and the State University Grant.
SCHOLARSHIPS – The Financial Aid administers three types of scholarships: Institutional Scholarship, Departmental Scholarships and Community Scholarships.
FEDERAL WORK-STUDY (FWS) - is a financial aid program that provides part-time employment for students who have financial need. The program is designed to help students meet their educational expenses without incurring debt, while provide valuable job opportunities and skills.
To qualify for a FWS job, you must first apply for financial aid through the FAFSA and be offered FWS funds as part of your financial award. Log in to the Student Center of My Sac State to see if you've qualified for a FWS award. Only students who are awarded Federal Work-Study will be able to log in to the FWS job board. If you are not awarded Federal Work-Study, and are interested in applying, please fill out the Federal Work-Study Request Form and submit it to the Financial Aid office. To learn more about FWS, please download this Federal Work Study Brochure.
LOANS - while sometimes necessary, are recommended only when all other resources have been addressed.

How much financial aid can I expect and when will I receive it?

The amount that you are awarded for the year is determined by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that is computed by the Federal Processor after you have submitted the FAFSA. Once you have been awarded and you have accepted your aid, you will be able to view disbursement information on your account at My Sac State.
BE SMART AND BUDGET! This money must last for the remainder of the semester. You will not receive your next payment until the week before the next semester begins.

What should I do if I don’t receive enough financial aid?

If you do not receive enough financial aid, you can always apply for scholarships and jobs. You can stop by the CAMP office to receive information on scholarships and job opportunities.

Where will I live?

It is important that you attend the summer CAMP workshops. This experience will give you the opportunity to meet new CAMP students like you and possible roommates for the school year. CAMP will provide you with off-campus housing information and can assist you in making your move to Sacramento less stressful.

Who can help me figure out what classes I need to take?

Call the CAMP office to speak to a counselor. To be able to register for classes once you are admitted to the University, it is mandatory to attend a New Student Orientation. At orientation, advisors will inform you of what classes you should take your first semester at Sacramento State.

When are the new student orientations?

First-time freshman are REQUIRED to attend orientation. Orientation occurs in the summer. Visit the FAQ section of the New Student Orientation website for answers to students' frequently asked questions regarding orientation.
Be aware that orientations sessions are organized by major. Check the appropriate orientation for Freshman to determine your appropriate session date.
PLEASE NOTE: Orientation reservations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to download your reservation form now.

What are some common mistakes to avoid?

a.Sign up for the EPT/ELM-As soon as you begin the application process, register for the EPT/ELM. Even if you have not been admitted, it will help smooth the process if you have EPT/ELM scores.
b.Apply for financial aid-FAFSA and scholarships.
c.The worst mistake you can make is failing to read any information that is sent to you-Whether it is an email, a letter or a message sent to your saclink account. Read it thoroughly; if you don't understand what you've read, call or visit the CAMP office. Failing to respond to requests for information, can impact the processing of your:
• Sacramento State and CAMP application
• Financial aid
• Housing
• Ability to register for classes

What are A-G requirements?

• History/Social Science (2 Years)-includes 1 year of U.S. History or U.S. History and Government.
• English (4 Years)
• Mathematics (3 Years)-includes algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra. You are encouraged to continue to enroll in mathematics through your senior year.
• Science (2 Years) with a laboratory-one biological and one physical
• Foreign Language (2 Years)-must study the same language. Subject to waiver if you demonstrate competence in a language other than English.
• Visual and Performing Arts (1 Year)-the course must be 1 year-long in art, dance, drama/theatre, music, etc.
• College Preparatory Elective (1 Year)-selected from the above A-F requirement areas.