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Knowledge On the Rise

As a campus and a community, we are aiming high. On the Rise: The Campaign for Sacramento State will help elevate our important mission as a teaching university and to advance knowledge that is focused on improving the lives of our students and our entire community.

Knowledge On the Rise

Over 250,000 Sacramento State graduates have been part of our growing economy in California – the fifth-largest in the world.

Over 60 percent of our graduates stay in the greater Sacramento region and power the state’s top industries from government and technology, engineering and business, to health and the arts. For this reason, a gift to support the advancement of student and faculty knowledge will have a tremendous influence on ensuring the Sacramento region can thrive.

Inspired by Sacramento State’s teaching mission, our students have a thirst for knowledge. They learn by doing through our hands-on approach to teaching, which keeps our students motivated and reinforces the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to be successful no matter where life takes them. We are preparing our students to use knowledge, innovation, and discovery to transform the workplace, their community, and the world.

Knowledge is not contained in the four walls of classrooms; it is all around us. That is why, at Sac State, we create learning spaces that are outdoor, tactical, and applicable so we can provide our students with important knowledge that boosts their resumes prior to graduation.

As an example of how knowledge is changing lives at Sac State, Microbiology major Yomira Palacios will be pursuing a career as a genetic counselor thanks to the helping hands of faculty mentors, a multitude of hard-earned scholarships, and because of the leadership experience she gained being a Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) mentor and a member of the Science Educational Equity (SEE) programs. These extra hands-on opportunities have deepened her knowledge outside the classroom and have been pivotal for the first-generation college student. When I was in high school, I didn’t even know if I would go to college. I liked science, but nobody around me had gone to college.

There are numerous ways you can advance knowledge at Sac State. Here are just a few:

… and the list goes on.

Spotlight: Katherine McReynolds

McReynolds’ team of undergraduates and graduates is conducting National Institutes of Health-supported research to find new treatments that block the infection of HIV.

Employers have been very enthusiastic about the students coming out of the labs because they leave with specialized technical skills and the ability to think critically, McReynolds says. (Students) come out with problem-solving abilities which can apply to all situations.

Spotlight: Lillian Murphy

Lillian never thought much about research before she heard Professor Kim Mulligan give a talk about neurobiology and fruit flys. Once she entered the lab, she never wanted to leave. A whole new world opened up to her and now she is on her way to a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in 2020.

Invest in the Future

Support Deeper Learning

Scholarships are among the most rewarding ways you can put your philanthropic investment to use at Sacramento State. Scholarships — whether created by an individual, a group, or an organization through tax-deductible donations — ensure that Sacramento State remains affordable and accessible, as well as provide opportunities to inspire and honor our ambitious students.

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