California State University, Sacramento

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Elevate Your Impact

Sacramento is a great, diverse, vibrant American city in the midst of a renaissance.

Sacramento State’s College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (SSIS) is driving this momentum through its diverse program curricula and dedicated faculty, staff, and students that together challenge the status quo, affect change, and advance public service leadership. Multicultural awareness, ethical decision-making, scientific thinking, and analytic strategies are key to our graduates’ success in Sacramento, and the greater community. The University’s location provides unmatched opportunities for students to study government in the fifth-largest economy in the world. Lawmakers and policymakers are engaged with both CSUS students and our faculty on a daily basis.

With the opening of the Sac State Downtown facility, we enjoy an even greater presence and partnership with the legislative epicenter of California. The College continues to influence discovery, integration, and implementation of the social sciences across the region in programs such as:

Sacramento Semester – a highly competitive program across all CSU campuses for a fully immersive learning experience in the legislative processes.

STORC and BAC Yard – our living laboratories providing interactive learning opportunities and engagement in sustainable approaches to managing our natural resources, as well as food and waste.

Sacramento is a change-makers’ home where globally influential leaders and innovators set policy that shapes the way the world lives. The College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies is uniquely situated to be a driver of innovative solutions to society’s most vexing problems.

On the Rise: The Campaign for Sacramento State, is supporting the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies as it to raise critical funds to:

Campaign Priorities

Expand Downtown Presence

  • Create a new, dynamic and engaging Downtown Speaker Series to captures the wealth of knowledge in our community and share it with our students, giving them a real-world perspective on important topics and the opportunity to dialogue with community leaders.
  • Enhance the School of Public Affairs in downtown Sacramento, which is a hub for innovative teaching, learning, and research, fostering collaborative partnerships that are addressing real-world issues and improving the quality of life in the Sacramento region.

Enhance SSIS Community Partnerships

  • Expand programming focused on helping youth in the community such as The 65th Street Corridor Community Collaborative Project, which is a high-impact and multi-component community mobilization effort aimed at increasing student academic achievement, fostering student leadership, and improving parent participation for disadvantaged children.
  • Continue programming focused on older adults in the community such as The Renaissance Society that provides opportunities for participatory lifelong learning and community engagement.

Student Success

  • Double scholarship and endowment funds available for current and future students. Scholarships have a direct and immediate impact on a student’s life.
  • Create more paid internship opportunities for students, giving them chances to earn real-world experience before graduation.
  • Increase support of vital student support services such as The Full Circle Project, the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program, and The Pathways Fellows, which are committed to ensuring the Sac State students of diverse backgrounds succeed.

Invest In The Future

College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Scholarships are among the most rewarding ways to give to Sacramento State because they directly impact students’ lives. They also help celebrate and motivate our best and brightest students.

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