Sac State is transitioning from Blackboard (SacCT) to a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. 

Campus testers consistently preferred the cloud-based and mobile-ready Canvas system, with comments including: optimized for modern use; displays everything neatly and conveniently with few clicks,” “easy to use,” and if we're really looking for a next gen system, this is the only one that truly is.” Testers also noted that Canvas is used at many California community colleges, which can ease the transition experience for our transfer students.  

Visit LMS Sandbox Testing Results page for a comprehensive account of the testing feedback.

Campus testing feedback demonstrates strong preference for Canvas.

The Official LMS Recommendation

Want to know more about how the LMS selection was made? Check out the LMS Recommendation Memo sent to President Nelsen and Provost Wang on May 1st. The President, Provost, and Cabinet have offered their support for the Next-Generation LMS Evaluation's core recommendation of transitioning the campus from Blackboard Learn 9.1 to Canvas.

What's Next?

Teams are actively developing implementation and training plans and will be working closely with faculty, students, and staff to make the Fall 2017 through Fall 2018 transition as smooth as possible. Check back here for news and updates and stay tuned for future communications. We also welcome your comments at

Canvas Adotpion Timeline

Canvas transition timeline