LMS Sandbox Testing Results 

From mid-February through Mid-April, 2017, more than 500 faculty, staff, and students engaged in testing D2L's Brightspace and Instructure's Canvas as "next-generation" LMS options for Sac State. 

This testing process was designed to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible with all hornets being invited to participate. The testing formats and populations included the following:

 Testing Category Description Results
Online Testing All campus faculty, staff, and students were automatically provided access and invited to perform high-level, online testing of each LMS sandbox and give feedback.

Online Testing Results (v2)

Online Testing Results (v1)

Overall Qualitative Feedback

Guided Testing All campus faculty, staff, and students were invited to sit down with support staff for a more in-depth guided testing session and provide feedback on each LMS.

Guided Testing Results (v2)

Guided Testing Results (v1)

Steering Committee Testing LMS Evaluation Steering Committee members tested each LMS sandbox and evaluated each LMS on overall usability and functionality. Steering Committee Evaluation Results
Specialized Testing Work Groups coordinated by the LMS Evaluation Steering Committee performed heavy testing of each LMS sandbox and produced recommendations based upon their area of focus including TechnicalTesting, and Training, Support, & Accessibility.

Technical Group Report

Training, Support, and Accessibility Group Report

Testing Group Reports - 
Faculty/Student Worfklows 
Administrative Workflows

Combined LMS Preference Results

These results include the combined LMS preference results from all campus testing populations and testing methods. 

Overall LMS tester preferences strongly favor Canvas.

Overall LMS preferences for both Faculty/Staff and Student testers favor Canvas

Over all LMS preferences across testing methods (i.e., online vs. in-person) favor Canvas