Canvas Workarounds & Recommendations: Faculty FAQ's

Is there a feature like Needs Grading in Canvas where I can View all assignments that need to be graded from one page?

There isn’t an exact feature like needs grading in Canvas but there is a To Do list that appears on the side panel of your dashboard that lists all assignments that need to be graded for all courses that you teach in Canvas. There is also a course specific to do list from the homepage of any course.  You would need to click on the link to an assignment on this list to open speedgrader and then browse through and grade as needed. On speedgrader from the drop-down at the top right you can filter through and select students who have not yet been graded, an orange dot appears next to students who have to be graded still and a green checkmark next to those students you have graded.  A needs grading page is a requested feature as this article points out  they also point out some workarounds in terms of opening the items under to do list into separate tabs.  

Canvas To Do List Displays Items to Grade

How do I add an Extra Credit question to an exam? 

The ability to mark a question as “extra credit” in a quiz is still in the works, not yet available. However, there are workarounds. One of them is to build your quiz as you normally would and include the extra credit question and make this question be worth zero points. Once students take the quiz, you would go into speedgrader to manually grade this question and enter the points the student has earned as extra credit if they answered correctly for example. In your extra credit description, you may want to include information about how many points extra credit a student can potentially earn if they answer the question correctly.  Please see the article:   

I'm using Turnitin for some assignments, should I use Feedback Studio or Speedgrader to Grade these submissions? 

Use FeedbackStudio if:  

  • You are using feedback studio to annotate a turnitin submission  
  • You are using the built in rubric feature within turnitin to attach rubrics for grading of a turnitin assignment 
  • Your goal is for students to review your comments, feedback and scores in Feedback Studio window 
  • You are using PeerMark as a component forturnitin assignment 

Use Speedgrader if:  

  • You plan on using a rubric created within Canvas to grade assignment submissions 
  • You want students to view your annotations and feedback within Canvas 
  • You are not releasing Originality reports to students but you are using these reports to help you assess student work and provide a grade 

I have duplicate courses listed in my Inbox tool (Conversations).

lf you have duplicate course names listed in your Inbox when creating new messages (as shown below with 'Canvas Dev Course 002' listed twice for different semesters), then you can add a nickname to one of them to appear different in your list.

Canvas Inbox with duplicate course names listed

You can add a nickname to any course from the Dashboard button.  Once on the Dashboard screen, click the three dots icon (vertical elipse) to open the Nickname window.

Canvas dashboard pop-up to enter nickname

Now enter a nickname for your course in the box provided.