Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps Overview

Curious about an app/tool* you would like to see available in Canvas? There are hundreds of external apps that can be integrated with Canvas. The LMS Advisory Committee helps guide policy around Canvas, and developed a process for evaluating each app suggested by the campus. The list of Current Canvas Apps started with integrating the same tools available in Blackboard (SacCT). Since then, additional integration suggestions from faculty have been compiled into the list of Suggested Canvas Apps.

*App/Tool refers to technology that improves the functionality of the Canvas system, usually provided by third-party vendors. Common terms for this technology include add-in, application (app), enhancement, integration, LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) and tool.


Campus Supported Tools Are the Priority

Based upon consultation with the LMS Advisory Committee, campus standard tools such as Office 365 and One Drive will be integrated because they are fully supported by the Academic Technology Center, have already passed accessibility and security testing, and leverage the university or university system licensing. For this reason, individually-licensed tools that provide similar functionality – such as Dropbox or Google Suite – will not be integrated into Canvas at this time. Please contact the Academic Technology Center with questions.


App Evaluation Process

Sac State is legally responsible for ensuring that the apps/tools we adopt are safe, secure, and designed for universal accessibility. As a result, we must screen and test all external apps before they're integrated with Canvas.

All apps must go through an extensive evaluation process to ensure accessibility for all users and compatibility with other apps. This process is conducted by the Academic Technology Center (ATC) team, and includes thorough evaluation of:

  • Accessibility,
  • Security,
  • Data privacy standards, and
  • Financial feasibility

Visit the Canvas App Evaluation Process page for further details.