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Thank you for visiting our project website! We seek to connect the award-winning news and public affairs content at Capital Public Radio to the faculty and students of Sacramento State. We comb through the stories presented on both local and national feeds available through Capital Public Radio for content that will provide an opportunity for discussion, analysis, and application in your classes. Each module includes a link to a CapRadio story, either audio or in print, as well as suggested exercises—writing prompts, discussion questions, critical thinking opportunities, or questions for critique.

We will be constantly adding new content, so be sure and check back often. You can also contact me at the email below and, if time allows, I will do my best to design a module specifically for your class.

Nicholas Burnett, Ph.D.
(916) 278-5420
Emeritus Professor
Communication Studies
California State University, Sacramento

This project is supported by Capital Public Radio, the College of Arts and Letters, a Pedagogy Enhancement Award from the Center for Teaching and Learning, and UEI through its Faculty Grant Program. 

Project Overview

This project is designed to assist faculty by providing high quality online curriculum modules that could supplement course content or even substitute for individual classes. Each self-contained module features an audio or online story related to your course content. Students listen to the story and then complete an assignment based on that content. See an example here.

Using the Modules

Modules are designed for a variety of disciplines. Simply direct your students to a particular module, indicate which of several assignments students should complete (or provide one of your own), and include a due date. We hope you will take a moment to fill out the faculty registration form so we can assess the project's reach and impact.

Why Capital Public Radio?

Capital Public Radio is an auxiliary of Sacramento State and the local pubic radio station for the Sacramento area. We hope to connect our students with the outstanding news and public affairs content from CapRadio's award-winning local and national programming. Sadly, students are often unfamiliar with public radio; it is our hope that this project will help expose students to this wonderful resource.

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