College 2 Career Readiness Program

Participate in the Career Center’s exciting new career ready certificate program that is your key to success in today’s competitive job market. Link your academic preparation to a great career by completing all five career-ready levels.

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  • Currently enrolled Sacramento State students and recent alumni within 6 months of graduation.
  • Open to all majors.


  • Complete the Self-directed online program at your pace
  • Identify education and career goals
  • Build upon leadership skills
  • Gain practical internship and work experience
  • Develop and take charge of your own professional identity
  • Facilitate deeper connections with faculty, staff, and employers
  • Discover and increase employment opportunities
  • Create a comprehensive job search plan to be competitive in the workforce
  • Increase persistence to graduation
  • Receive a Hornet Career Ready certificate to include on your resume
  • Foster hornet pride!

5 Levels of Engagement to Receive the Career Ready Certificate

Level I - Self-Exploration
Discover Skills, Interests, Values, and Natural Talents

Level II - Research Academic and Career Options
Explore Major and Career Options

Level III - Decision-Making Strategies
Take Action to Achieve Academic and Career Goals

Level IV - Experiential Education
Gain Experience and Skills

Level V - Job Search Strategies
Refine Materials and Prepare an Effective Job Search Campaign

Login Instructions

Step 1: Log into C2C via OrgSync and your SacLink login information. Access OrgSync Here.        

Step 2: Click “Sign in with your MySacState” in the upper right corner.

Step 3: A second screen will prompt you to sign-in using your SacLink ID and Password. Type in your SacLink Username followed by your SacLink Password and click “login.”

If you have used OrgSync before, skip to step 8. If this is your first time using Orgsync, continue on with step 4.

Step 4: You will now be required to create a profile. On page one, enter your first name, last name, and email address in the fields labeled as such. The remaining fields are optional.

Step 5: On the lower right corner of the page, click “continue” to fill in other fields. Please note, only your ID # is required.

Step 6: Once you have finished filling in your desired fields, click the green button that says “Finish” on the lower right corner of the page.

Step 7: At this point you will be directed to the Profile Summary Page. Click the Sacramento State logo in the upper left corner to take you to the Sacramento State OrgSync home page.

Step 8: Click “College 2 Career” under the “Featured” section on the left side of the page.

Step 9: You are now on the Career Center’s College 2 Career Readiness Program (C2C)  page. Click on the green button that’s says “Join Now ”on the upper right corner.

Step 10: After joining, you will be redirected back to the C2C home page and will be able to view and go through the C2C program and begin your journey to success! After reviewing all the information on the home page, click “Level I: Self-Exploration” to begin.


1) Individuals needing or having questions about accessibility are welcome to contact the Career Center at (916) 278-6231 or

2) For technical support contact  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have an OrgSync account to access this program? Yes, students need this in order to login. Your OrgSync login information is the same as your SacLink login. Students who have not accessed OrgSync before will be prompted to establish an account when they login to OrgSync.
  • Can alumni use this? Yes, alumni can utilized the C2C Readiness Program for up to six months after graduation.
  • Why do I have to use C2C? C2C is not required, however there are multiple benefits. The C2C program takes students through the process of choosing or changing a major and/or career path, influences impacting their major and career decisions, as well as guides students in preparing for and entering the world of work; e.g., internships, part-time positions, volunteer opportunities, and full-time career positions. In addition, C2C provides students with instructions and opportunities to gain leadership experiences, and meet with professionals in the field related to their interest/major.
  • Can I email other C2C members on their profile? In order to consider each student’s confidential C2C information, the program does not provide an opportunity for students to email one another within the College 2 Career Readiness Program.
  • Who grades the assignments? Assignments are not graded, they are reviewed for completion only, unless faculty require portions or all of C2C to be completed for a grade.
  • Where do I add the certificate on my resume? The certificate can be added under Professional Development or under a Certifications sub-category within Education.
  • What if I already completed a handout, activity, step or level? C2C participants who would like to receive credit for any previously completed handouts, activities or steps within a given level prior to beginning Level I are required to complete a C2C Level/Milestone Waiver Form and submit the form to the Career Center for review. Students will be notified within 10 business days whether their request to receive credit for previous work/experience has been granted. Students who submit the Level/Milestone Waiver Form are required to submit support documentation demonstrating prior experience with the form.
  • Can I skip ahead to a future level? The levels in C2C are sequential and each step is dependent a previous and subsequent step or level. Therefore, students are asked to perform each level and the steps within each level in sequential order.
  • What is the purpose of the College 2 Career Readiness Program? The end goal of this program is help you in selecting a major and assist you gaining experience while you are in school, as well as maximize students’ chances of gaining employment upon graduation. The C2C Readiness Program also prepares students to be “Career Ready”, maximizing their overall professionalism and readiness to interact with employers.
  • How can faculty use C2C? It may be used as extra credit, integrated into curriculum/syllabus, or as a way to motivate students, while connecting milestones to a student’s major and/or class. Integrating career development into students’ college experience has a significant positive effect on retention, persistence to graduation, and self-efficacy.
  • How long does itake? Each level and related steps vary in length depending on the activity/assignment. Login to view more details.
  • Who is viewing this? The Career Center staff are the only ones who have access to review students’ progress and assignments, since the staff must award credit or verify completion of a given step, task, activity, or level.
  • What if I have technical issues? Come into the Career Center, Lassen Hall 1013, for assistance or email us at:

  • What if I want to meet with a Career Counselor, but the career counselors are all booked? Meeting with the Career Center staff is built into each level. Students can visit the Career Center Services webpage for updated drop-in hours.
  • I don’t feel comfortable completing some of the steps? If for any reason there is a step you prefer not to complete, you may contact the Career Center at, and we can identify an activity or handout to substitute.
  • Can I redo any of the previous sections after I have already completed it? Yes, you may go back and redo sections that you have previously completed.
  • Is my information saved so I can go back and review it? Yes, your information is saved once you have submitted your forms.
  • Will I receive credit? No academic credit will be assigned for completing the C2C program, however students will receive a certificate for completing the program.
  • Does the certificate give me an advantage for my job search or obtaining employment? Yes, students will be able to list the College 2 Career Readiness Program Certificate on their resume. Employers will notice this achievement and students will be able to discuss and demonstrate what they learned through the C2C Readiness Program.
  • Who can participate in the C2C program? It is open to all students up to six months after graduation.
  • Is there a deadline? There is no deadline, the College 2 Career Readiness Program is self-paced, available 24/7 and is an online career ready certificate program that assists students achieving their education and career goals.
  • Is this a part of Leadership Initiative (LI)? No, however there is a leadership experience component in Level IV where students acquire leadership experience or add the LI to complete milestone.
  • Is the program ADA compliant (Accessible to student with disabilities)? The College 2 Career Readiness Program is Sections 508 compliant, including handouts which are formatted and Write-Protected in Word, rather than PDF. Sacramento States accessibility standards can be found here: Contact Career Center for more information.

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Individuals needing or having questions about accessibility are welcome to contact the Career Center at (916) 278-6231 or

For technical support contact  

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