On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

On-campus Interviews enable representatives from your organization to visit the Career Center during the academic semesters to recruit for full-time, part-time, and paid internships. The program is open to current students and alumni and is free to employers.

The Career Center offers three scheduling options:

Room Reservation Schedule: Allows you to reserve a room to interview Sac State students and alumni with whom you have already made contact. Once your date request is approved, you are responsible for contacting candidates to set individual interview times. Your completed interview schedule must be provided to us electronically at least one business day before the interview date. 

Preselect Schedule: This option allows you to post your opportunity on Hornet Career Connection and select the preferred candidates from the applicant pool. Use Hornet Career Connection to “invite” students to an interview and the system will email the candidate interview time options.

Open Schedule: This option allows you to post your opportunity on Hornet Career Connection and if the applicant meets your required “screen by” criteria (ie: GPA, graduation date, major, and work authorization), the applicant can select an interview time on a first-come, first-served basis. This option does not require you to prescreen resumes.

All scheduling options require your team to create/manage your interview calendar. The Career Center is not responsible for contacting students to schedule interviews.

Fall OCI begins Thursday, October 24, 2018, and runs through Friday, November 30, 2018*

*Employers wishing to conduct interviews on-campus outside these time frames are encouraged to contact the Career Center.

Request an OCI Date via Hornet Career Connection

Hornet Career Connection is our online career services management system which is accessible to the recruiter and Sac State students 24/7.

To request dates:

Current Users

Step 1: Log onto Hornet Career Connection and click the On Campus Interviews tab
Step 2: Click Schedule > request a schedule
Step 3: Fill out your request and add your job description (please add all you are recruiting for)
Step 4: Click Submit

New Users

Create a Hornet Career Connection account. Once the account is approved, you can input your OCI request.

Interview Day

Interviews take place in the Career Center, Lassen Hall 1013. We are open from 8:00am-5:00pm and all interviews must take place during these hours.


Parking passes will be provided for your interview day. Please submit the names of those needing a permit to sa@csus.edu prior to your interview date. Passes can be picked up at Visitor Information Booth #1, located near the J Street entrance. https://www.csus.edu/campusmap/


Secure Wi-Fi access, complimentary water, coffee, tea, and snacks, printed resume packets for employers utilizing preselect and open schedules.


Please let us know how your interviews went by completing a survey at the end of the day.

Things to consider to maximize your On-Campus Interviews

  1. Coordinating your Schedule with an Event: Many organizations find success coordinating their OCIs with a Career Fair or other campus events. This allows for face-to-face marketing in addition to the Career Center’s email marketing.

  2. Job Description Specifics: We encourage you to include as much detail regarding the position as possible. Common things that may hinder your recruitment efforts include:
    1. Vague job description: Articulating daily duties & expectations is key to obtaining candidate interest
    2. Requiring too high of GPA: We recommend a 3.0 or lower to help keep your applicant pool robust
    3. Excluding salary or hourly wage: Your pool will generally be stronger if you include a pay range
    4. Limited Majors: We understand that some positions require a certain major/degree but for those that are flexible, we encourage you to include specific majors you are open to interviewing
  3. Selecting an On-Campus Interview Date: We recommend at least a two week lead time to allow adequate marketing time to promote your trip to campus and your open positions.
  4. Digital Marketing Material: Providing the Career Center with a company branded flyer will help the Career Center promote your positions and/or time on campus.

For more information:

Kate Lockwood

Employer Relations Coordinator