Employers: Student Highlight

Photo of Mayra Baez, a Student 
Mayra Baez, Undergraduate - Gerontology

Meet Mayra Baez, a student in the College of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, majoring in Gerontology with a minor in Psychology. Like many students, Mayra's journey to find the right educational path for herself involved some exploration.

Mayra came to Sacramento State wanting to be a Physician Assistant, but after exploration with a Sac State Career Counselor, and active involvement in events and activities, she began to understand that there were many different career options in the medical field.

“After attending California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, which is an event that was promoted by a career counselor. I decided to explore all the different schools and their programs.”

Some activities Mayra has been involved in include:

Student Assistant, Sacramento State Academic Advising,

Volunteer, Sutter Medical Center, a program coordinated by Sacramento State Career Center

Intern, Eskaton Gold River, a year-long placement starting this fall. Mayra found this opportunity by attending the Health Careers Expo at Sacramento State.

 “I came in to Sac State wanting to be a Physician Assistant but after my career exploration appointment with a Career Counselor, I realized there are many different options when it comes to choosing a career in the medical field. Volunteering in Sutter Medical Center has allowed me to physically see and learn from medical professionals. I enjoy being in this environment because I realized what I will be getting myself into if I pursue the medical field.”

Photo of Roman Smith, a student 
Roman Smith, Alumni - B.A. in English

Inspired by a high school English teacher who held students to a high bar, Roman Smith embodied these standards throughout his education at Sacramento State, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BA in English. Before heading off to law school in the fall, Roman shared with Career Center staff a little bit about experiences that helped develop his career path, and what he is taking with him to the next stage of his professional life.

“I was a Tutor in the University Reading and Writing Center my Junior and Senior year at Sacramento State. That experience forced me to break down the writing process so I could explain it clearly to students who needed help and guidance. This also allowed me the realization that I was becoming more proficient in my own knowledge of and ability to write well across many disciplines, which is extremely valuable in law.”

“To other students majoring in English (especially those who do not desire to teach or become a novelist), I would advise every student to focus on deconstructing, reconstructing, and becoming intimate with their writing process and writing knowledge. No matter who you work for or with in the future, writing is going to be heavily involved. If you give the skill of writing the reverence it rightfully deserves, you will have what so many other people need but do not have. You will be a world of help to everyone around you and, consequently, a huge asset to any job.” 

One enduring aspect of professional life is that career growth and development is lifelong. 

“As I attend Pepperdine Law School, I plan on trying my hand at many types of law. I believe I know what direction I want to pursue, but I also know that I have many different people to meet and even more invigorating conversations to have with those much smarter and more successful than myself before I make such an important decision.”