What is an Internship?

  • Internships can provide students with academically related work experience and in many cases, pay.
  • Internships are designed to give students the opportunity to work in pre-professional positions while still in school.
  • Internships are any type of carefully planned and monitored work experience in which the intern has intentional learning goals.
  • Internships come in many forms... some carry academic credit and some are arranged independently from the curriculum... some are paid and some are non-paid... they may last a month or up to two years
  • Internships foster self-confidence and professionalism, enable students to make important contacts in the business world and allow companies to get a good look at potential full-time employees.

The Benefits of Working as an Intern

  • Interns gain practical experience in their chosen career fields.
  • Internships give students the opportunity to work with qualified professionals.
  • Interns have the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to actual on-the-job experiences.
  • Internships enable students to make important contacts in the business world.
  • Some internships provide money for school tuition and expenses.
  • Interns establish valuable contacts for letters of reference.
  • Interns establish contacts and begin networking for future employment.
  • Interns acquire work experience to list on resumes and employment applications.
  • Interns develop confidence and learn to interact professionally with peers.
  • Interns have a chance to "test" their career interests.
  • Internships give students a feeling of responsibility and independence.
  • Internships provide students with the opportunity to meet and work with new people in developing interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Interns tend to get better grades because they are better able to see the relevancy of coursework to real-world situations.
  • Internships enable students to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Internships help students gain a new perspective on his/her talents.
  • Internships foster self-confidence.

Steps to Obtain an Internship

4 Tips to Prepare for Your Internship Search

It's never too early to begin searching for that perfect internship. This timeline will help you plan and begin the process of your internship search:

  1.  Start preparing the semester before you want to begin your internship.
  2.  Check with your academic department to find out if there is an internship requirement for your major and to find out what the   requirements are for the internship. This will help narrow your internship search.
  3. Come into the Career Center to get assistance with resume, cover letter, and thank you letter writing.
  4. Come into the Career Center to get tips on how to strengthen your interviewing skills.
6 Easy Steps to Landing Your Internship

1. Hornet Career Connection: Hornet Career Connection is the Career Center’s free online job database. Employers list full-time, part-time, on-campus, professional, internship, cooperative education, seasonal, and volunteer opportunities.

2. Networking: Build your network through friends, family, classmates, alumni, colleagues, past supervisors, professors, neighbors, and community members. Remember to include the second level of networking contacts – people you know that know someone.

  • Develop a “One minute commercial” about yourself that includes your occupation, company or field of interest, as well as your related school and work experiences. Share this statement with your network to determine if they are aware of any openings or additional contacts within your field of interest.
  • Utilize social networking sites such as or Be sure to keep your sites professional.

3. Career Center Listservs: Sign-up for one or more of the listservs for information on internships, job opportunities, and other programs and services related to your field.

  • To register, visit
  • Enter the name of the listserv to which you would like to subscribe and follow the instructions.
    Choose from any of the following:

    • Internship Opportunities, type: INTERNSHIPNEWS-L
    • Government Career Information, type: GOVCAREERS-L
    • Engineering/Computer Science Career Information, type: ECSCOOP-L
    • Health Field Career Information, type: HEALTHCAREERS-L
    • Social Services and Recreation Career Information, type: SOCIALANDRECCAREERS-L
    • Natural Science and Math Career Information, type: NSMCAREERS-L
    • Education Career Information, type: EDUCOOP-L
    • Criminal Justice Career Information, type: CJCAREERS-L

4. Career Center Events: The Career Center offers a variety of events to assist students in obtaining an internship.

5. Sacramento State Academic Departments: Check with your academic department and faculty for leads on current internships and contacts in your field. Most departments have a faculty internship coordinator. For a list, click here

6. Internet Search Strategies: Use Google to search for internships.

  • Try typing the academic field or industry and the word “internships” (e.g., biology internship).
  • Consider putting words together in the search using “allintitle:” (e.g., allintitle:marketing internship). By doing this, Google will provide results based on both words together in a search.
  • Enter the academic field or position and type “inurl:” before the word internship (e.g., animation inurl:internship). This will narrow results for the word ‘internship” in the url.
  • Consider associations or societies in your Google search (e.g., marketing association). Add the location, such as city or state, to further narrow the results.
  • Look for internships in specific companies (e.g., internship or sectors (e.g., internship site:*.gov).

How to Earn Academic Credit For an Internship

It is possible to earn credit (units) for your internship. Each academic department has their own set of criteria for approving credit. If you would like to earn credit for your internship, you will need to contact your academic department’s internship coordinator. Be sure to share the internship listing with your internship coordinator for review.

For more assistance to faculty on academic internships, visit the  Community Engagement Center.

Join the Internship Listserv

Sign up to receive information about internship opportunities, events, and more via email!

Go to

Type in INTERNSHIPNEWS-L and click “Submit”.

Next, enter your name and email address, then click on “Join."

Where to Find Internships

To help you get started, click on the link below to access a partial list of internship opportunities. 

Internship Opportunities Link

Career Tracks Career Counseling Internship Program

The Career Tracks Program in the Career Center at California State University, Sacramento provides graduatecci-2.jpg students in either School, Career, or Rehabilitation Counseling specializations from the Counselor Education Department; or graduate status in the Higher Education Leadership program, at California State University, Sacramento, with an opportunity to gain experience in a university career center in the form of part-time internships. Positions are available during the summer, as well as the fall and spring semesters.

Current Recruiting Needs:
The Career Center is now recruiting for 5 Career Center Intern positions for the spring 2018 semester.

Training ancci-1.jpgd Supervision:
Career Center Intern positions are paid, and offer weekly training and supervision, pre-semester training, and an opportunity to gain experience in an award winning career center.

Career Tracks Recruiting Flyer:
Download a Word version of the Career Tracks Recruiting Flyer, here.

How to Apply: For a full job description, additional requirements and how to apply, login to your Hornet Career Connection Job Board at , and search for Job ID #: 59121 (Career Center Intern). Note: If you need assistance logging into Hornet Career Connection, please contact the Career Center at Thank you.

Note: Application Deadline for spring 2018: 5 pm, Friday, November 10, 2017

Future Interest in Applying for the Career Tracks Internship:
Graduate students interested in a Career Tracks internship for future semesters beginning fall 2018 are encouraged to submit the Pre-Application Questionnaire in order to be place on our list of future candidates for the Career Tracks program. Submit Pre-Application Questionnaire via email as a PDF attachment to

Contact David McVey, or at (916) 278-4372

Hornet Career Connection

Hornet Career Connection is an online career management system where employers can post internship opportunities from across the nation for Sacramento State students and alumni to see. Hornet Career Connection also posts part-time, full-time and volunteer opportunities.

New Employers:

NOTE: Review our Employer Recruitment Policies

click here to rEGISTER FOR Hornet Career Connection


Allow the Career Center staff up to 5 business days to review and approve your registration. You will receive an email confirmation once your account has been approved.

Please note that you may be contacted and asked to submit additional information.

Returning Employers: 

click here to sign in to Hornet Career Connection


On-Campus Internship Interviews

Companies who wish to recruit Sacramento State students for internships are welcome to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program. For more information contact Candace McGee, Internship Manager, at 916-278-7207 or

Internship Toolkit

If you're an employer with questions about internships, don't miss A Guide for Employers' Internship Toolkit. Get your free copy today by emailing Candace McGee, Internship Manager, at or visiting the Community Partners Internship Information web page to download a copy.

How to Finish in Four

As a part of our campus initiative, "How to Finish in Four", your participation in an internship is a vital piece to connect you to your future career. Learn more about How to Finish in Four.