Self Exploration Activities

Self Exploration Activities

Select any or all of the activities listed and complete the activity sheet for each area. Bring completed activity sheets to a walk-in career counseling session in the Career Center to learn how these activities can be helpful when choosing or changing a major and/or career field.


Dreams are things people would like to be doing in the present or visions of what we would like to be doing in the future. Many of us have early recollections of what we wanted to do when we got older. At this time you may still have dreams of what you would like to do in college, after you graduate, or later in your life. Dreams can include the type of career, business, or journey you would like to take in the future. Use the attached document to explore your dreams.


Interests are subjects or activities that we enjoy in some way. Interests can provide topic areas that students can use as clues to areas they might like to explore further or see how their interests relate to their choice of major and/or career path. For example, someone who enjoys the outdoors majoring in Geology or Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration, or a student who loves snow skiing, choosing to work for a ski equipment manufacturing company. Use the attached document to help you identify your interests.

Life Experiences

Students often have life experiences, whether paid or unpaid, that help them learn about themselves, introduce them to an activity, or teach them a set of skills they enjoy using. Use the attached document to explore any life experiences you have had that you enjoyed and what is was about the experience that you liked.

Family and Cultural Considerations

Students experience many different influences as they consider choosing a major and/or career field. There are internal and external influences that can positively impact our decisions and ones that may hinder our decisions. One external influence that is a part of everyone's life is family and cultural influences. This exercise is a beginning step to help students reflect on family and cultural influences.

My Favorites

Often our favorite things give us clues about our values, interests, and personality. We can use information about our favorite things as clues to identify ideas about college majors and /or career paths. Our favorites can also be used as research words to find career and academic possibilities. Use this activity to help you identify life experiences and activities you have enjoyed in the past or would imagine enjoying in the future.

Natural Talents

Natural talents are things that come easy to us without much practice or training. Natural talents may be rooted in our personality, like being ambitious or they may be a skill that naturally comes easy to us, like being physically coordinated, having an excellent memory, or having good listening skills. Use this exercise to identify what you or your family or friends consider your natural talents.

My Favorite Classes

Identifying classes you enjoyed most and those classes you enjoyed least in high school and/or college can provide you with information about your interests, natural abilities, skills and/or aptitudes. There can be exceptions. For example, something that does not interest us at one time in our life may turn out to be something of great interest later in life. Use this exercise to identify some of your favorite classes, assignments or projects you have taken or completed.


Values are what are important to you; not something you want or would like to have, but something you literally need in your life to be happy. A value is a principle or quality intrinsically valuable or desirable to you. Values are personal. They are your convictions, your beliefs, and your ethics rolled into one. Some or all of your values may be the same as your family's values or they may be very different. Use this checklist to identify values that you find important.

Summary Page - My Career Page

My Career Page is a narrative story that summarizes your most preferred responses to the exercises above. After completing each section above, choose your most preferred responses for each activity and enter them in their appropriate space in the My Career Page activity.