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bridge Step #1: Go to Listserv Signup homepage.

Step #2: Enter the name of the listserv to which you would like to subscribe. Choose from any of the following:

  • Arts and Letters Career Information, type: ARTSANDLETTERSCAREERS-L
  • Internship Opportunities, type: INTERNSHIPNEWS-L
  • Government Career Information, type: GOVCAREERS-L
  • Engineering/Computer Science Career Information, type: ECSCOOP-L
  • Health Field Career Information, type: HEALTHCAREERS-L
  • Social Services and Recreation Career Information, type: SOCIALANDRECCAREERS-L
  • Natural Science and Math Career Information, type: NSMCAREERS-L
  • On-Campus Student Employment, type: ON-CAMPUS-JOBS-L
  • Education Career Information, type: EDUCOOP-L
  • Criminal Justice Career Information, type: CJCAREERS-L
  • Alumni Information, type: ALUMNICAREERS-L
  • Business Opportunities (BizList), type: BUSADM-L

Step #3: Select “Submit”

Step #4: Carefully enter your name and email address, as well as modify any subscription settings, although most people leave default values.

Step #5: Select “Join (listserv name)” or “Leave (listserv name)”