Twitter Feed

Step 1:  Copy URL of the Twitter Account whose feed you would like to display on your web page.

Get URL of Twitter Account


Step 2:  Sign in to your Twitter account and select "Settings and Privacy" under profile.

Click on Setting and Privacy

Step 3:  Click on "Widgets", Click on "Create New" and Click on "Profile".

Create Widget

Step 4:  Paste the URL in the Text field.

Enter URL in the TextField

Step 5:  Select "Embedded Timeline".

Select Embedded Timeline

Step 6:  Click on "Copy Code".

Click "Copy Code"

Step 7:  Click on "Edit" and click on "Source code" inside your WYSIWYG editor.

Click on "Source code" in WYSIWYG editor.

Step 8:  Click on "Edit" and click on "Source code" from your WYSIWYG editor.

Copy the code in "Source code".

Step 9:  Click on "Save & Preview".

Click on "Save & Preview"

Step 10:  The Twitter Feed appears as below in your web page.

Twitter Feeds