Template Layouts

There are three home page and three secondary templets to choose from. Depending on the of size your web sites you can apply the appropriate type of templet.


The index page is the home page for your web site. Therefore it is very important to have an index page. There are three index pages that a user can choose from (index 1, index 2 and index 3). 

Index 1

  • It has an image dimensions of 1367 by 122 at the top.
  • There are no buttons located inside the header image at the top
  • There is no heading inside the image header like how there is one in index 2 and index 3.
  • There is an image slider located at the top.

Index 2

  • Has an image at the top with the dimensions of 1440 by 149.
  • This is where the site name also goes (eg. Admissions & Outreach).
  • It includes two buttons inside the image at the top of the page.
  • There is an image slider located at the top. You can edit the images and information that goes with it through WCM. If you wish not to have an image slider display on your page you can edit it by going to “Edit” and “Outputs” and removing it by clicking on (-) sign next to it.
  • The buttons are default set to “Visit campus” and “I want to Apply”. They can be modified.

Index 3

  • The image at the top has dimensions of 1440 by 474. For a video the dimensions are 1260 by 480.
  • There are three buttons located inside the main image at the top. These buttons are “I want to Apply”, “I Have Applied” and “I have been Admitted”. Once you selected index 3 as your home page templet you can go in and change the buttons and their links to something that is appropriate to your web page.
  • Once you are in the edit mode in the WCM you can edit these buttons. 

The following are the department home pages here at Sacramento State which are using index 3 as their home page templet.

One Column

  • This is good for web sites which do not contain a lot of information.
  • It doesn’t have a left navigation.
  • The Header has an image and the name of the site.
  • There are two buttons inside the header, they can be edited by going into the header-block.

Two Column

  • This template is good for a lot web site with moderate to large content.
  • It has left navigation which can be used to access different pages within the same directory.

Flex Column

This kind of page style is good for web pages with a lot of information, images and tables.

  • Image dimension under "2 column": 350 by 250.
  • Image dimension under "3 column": 125 by 90.
  • Image dimension under "4 column": 100 by 70.

Image Slider

  • The image in the image slider has a dimension of 525 by 350.