Insert A Table

Step 1: Click on the “table” icon

Step 2: Select number of rows and columns. 

Inserting a table

Step 3: Quick table properties.

  1. Go to Table Properties.
  2. Delete entire Table.
  3. Add row at the bottom of table.
  4. Add row at the top of table.
  5. Delete row from the bottom of table.
  6. Add column at the left of table.
  7. Add column at the right of table.
  8. Delete column from the right of table.

Step 3: Fill out the table properties.

  1. Type the thickness of the border (Type 0 for no border).
  2. Choose the alignment of the table on the page (Left, Center, Right).
  3. Click “Ok” when finish.

Setting Width for columns

This is how  the table looks with the default table settings. If you need to change the width of any column to make it wider than the others then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the "HTML" icon from the task bar. 

select the view source button

Step 2: Change the table type as indicated below. 

  1. Type style="table-layout:fixed" in the table tag.
  2. Specify the width for each column.
  3. Click "insert"  when done. 

Step 3: This is how the new table will look like.Preview of table design

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