Open A Page

The Asset Tree is the primary way of getting around the WCM. It works just like the Dreamweaver or Windows Explorer tree, with the ability to expand folders by clicking the + next to a folder name.

Step 1: To select a page, navigate to its location from the "Site Selector"(1). A page can also be access by using the "Search" option(2). This is in cases where the page destination is unknown in the WCM.

Step 2:  Select the page from Asset Tree(Note: index refers to the main home page). Select an option from the tab to begin the interaction with the page. The description of each tab is listed under "Tabs Description".

Tabs Description

tabs description

  • Edit: Opens the page in edit screen where changes, additions, deletions can be made to the information on the page.
  • Publish: The page within the WCM can now be place on the web. Note: The user must have permission to publish.
  • Comments: Assets can be commented on by CMS users within the asset viewing interface.
  • Details: This will show detail information about Design, Properties and Page Info.
  • More: Allows the user to move files, copy files, rename files delete files, change system name, revert to a former version of the page, and more.