Upload A File And Edit Images

Files (like PDFs, images, or Office documents) are uploaded via the File item in the Main Menu.

Uploading an Image

Step 1: Select a folder where the image will be stored. Select "Add Content" from the top menu and click on "Default" and then "File".


Step 2: Type the name of the image. The "Placement Folder" shows where the image will be store. Choose an image to be uploaded. The size of the image can be maximize or minimize by manipulating the width and height of the image.


Uploading a PDF

Use this option if you have the (Word or PDF File) option. If not use the +Add Content (File) option. The same one used for uploading images above.

Step 1: Select the folder where the pdf will be placed(It is good practice to store all pdf in one place). Select "Add Content" from top menu and click on "Word Or PDF File". 


Step 2: Type a "Display Name" and then upload a pdf by clicking on "Choose file"(a pdf can also be uploaded by dragging it from the desktop). Click "Save & Preview" when done.


Making Image Responsive on a webpage

When uploading an image to a page, enter 95% into the dimensions as shown below. This will assure your image is responsive to mobile devices.