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The College of Business Administration offers nearly 50 scholarships that will provide over  $100,000 in student scholarship awards to our business majors in the 2018-2019 school year. Business majors are invited to apply and the application process runs from November, 2017 through February, 2018 to award scholarships for the following September, 2018.

For all information about how to apply, eligibility, application instructions, deadlines and more:

CBA Scholarships for Business Majors

Scholarships Offered through Sac State:  The Financial Aid Office administers three types of scholarships: Institutional, Departmental and Community Scholarships. Typically, scholarships are disbursed at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters unless otherwise specified by the scholarship donor. However, no disbursements will be made until the Financial Aid Office has received funds from the scholarship donor.  Scholarships are used as a resource in a student's financial aid package, and may reduce need-based financial aid awards. The Financial Aid Office does not endorse scholarship search services that require a usage fee.