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Special Events for business students take place at different times throughout the year. We provide networking opportunities, career-related events, information sessions with employers, and many different events designed to connect students with the local business community

Spring 2018 Event Schedule

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Business Pathway to Success

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The Business Pathway to Success event is designed to be a mini business conference for our juniors and seniors preparing to make the transition from college to campus.  It is a networking and industry information experience for our students. We include a keynote speaker from the local Sacramento region to provide insights and advice on current topics relevant to students preparing for a successful career in business. Following the keynote and a full catered lunch are two round table discussion sessions where students and professionals are given the rare opportunity to sit down for candid and helpful conversations.  During the roundtable sessions, we ask professionals to represent their industry, providing relevant advice and information. The event concludes with a Networking Fair, giving student participants the opportunity to get to know each company in more detail.  Recruiting is always welcome but not a required component for company participation.  Company sponsorships are invited to present the event to our students and door prizes are provided by participating companies.  Students are expected to dress in professional attire and pre-register for the event.   This year we offer Business Pathways to Success in a 3 part series:

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Part 1:

Networking Know How Workshop Event

Tuesday, February 13, 4-5:30pm

Download event Flyer (PDF)

Part 2:

Rising Student Networking Scholarship 

Due Monday, February 19

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Part 3:

Business Pathways to Success event

Wednesday, March  7, 12-3pm

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Attend this dynamic, super-charged session to learn how to maximize networking opportunities. This interactive workshop will help you develop new ways of thinking about "networking", learn how to authentically do it and why it matters. By the end of this session you will have learned networking skills most commonly employed by successful leaders.
The Rising Student Networking Scholarship will provide $500 for up to 2 students who demonstrate an interest in building their networking skills. To apply, complete our online scholarship application. Boost your chances of selection: extra application points for attending the Networking Know How on Feb 13th.


The Business Pathway to Success event brings nearly 50 successful business professionals to campus to talk to you! This is your opportunity to learn from some of the best in business about how to successfully launch your career and take a step towards expanding your network.
We provide a full catered lunch, alumni keynote speaker, round table discussions, networking fair, prizes, snacks and more.