Center For Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Sacramento State Center for Entrepreneurship! We provide a venture incubator for the early stages of entrepreneurial businesses. 


The mission of Center for Entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration (CBA) is to develop and nurture innovative business ideas and to capitalize potential entrepreneurial opportunities, both from CSUS and local entrepreneurship communities.

The Center will provide entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to launch a venture and to identify and cultivate solutions to entrepreneurial problems, the network structure to bring the plan to fruition, and the technical training to grow the enterprises.

Purposes of the Center

The main purpose of Center for Entrepreneurship would be to create a new venture incubator for its expanded stakeholder groups, such as faculty, staff, students, student organizations, alumni, employers, advisory board, local entrepreneurs, and supporters.

Also, other purposes include developing entrepreneurship curriculum and programs for a broader audience, such as nascent entrepreneurs, in Sacramento regions.

Goals of the Center

To nurture early stage of entrepreneurial businesses for their successful business establishments.

To help CBA students understand the natures of new venture creation processes.

To support regional entrepreneurial communities by providing them accesses to necessary resources and networks.


The Center for Entrepreneurship is designed to provide a new venture incubator service, providing residences, endowments, in-kind office hours, and limited business resources.

When start-ups or early stage companies come to the Center, they will be offered with a space (for a pre-arranged period of time) to fine-turn their ideas. Also, the center will provide some other services to lead them to successfully launch their businesses.

The other services include, but not limited to, a voucher system , a technology index, marketing and technological consultations, and student internships.

Future Business

In addition to the new venture incubator service above, to spread entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit across the campus and off-campus communities, the center will build and develop a series of entrepreneurial curriculum. The curriculum consists of an annual program that educates students about entrepreneurship as well as other components that involve being entrepreneurial.

For Prospective Tenants

Tenants for the Center are invited from both on-campus and off-campus nascent entrepreneurs. Each tenant will be offered a free cubicle space in the Center with limited office amenities.

The initial length of time in residence is no longer than 6 months, but the term can be renewed to another term of 6 months.

All tenants shall agree on specific terms including legal liabilities, intellectual property ownership, University and CBA regulations, and other general provisions furnished by the Center. The Center does not ask or directly involve in equity ownerships of the tenants. However, the Center does not disallow its stakeholders’ individual businesses with tenants if the business is carried outside of the direct jurisdiction of the Center.

If you, as a potential tenant, are interested in the Center, please contact to the Center for Entrepreneurship at 916-278-5258 or

Advisory Committee

Dennis Gardemeyer, CEO, Delta Bluegrass

Dale Carlsen, CEO, Sleep Train

Kotaro ‘Taro’ Arai, Owner, Mikuni Restaurant Group

Kraig Clark, CEO, AUQEO!

Ken Crittendon, VP & GM, Performance Technology Partners

Roger Akers, Managing Partner, Akers Capitals

Christopher Chediak, Partner, Weintraub-Genshlea-Chediak

Seung Bach, Ph.D. Faculty Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, CSUS

Application Information for New Venture Incubator

The Center for Entrepreneurship (The Center) is looking for high-potential and scalable start-ups that are willing to work with Sacramento State’s entrepreneurial communities. The Center has a space for its new venture incubation and The Center will give a priority to start-ups which are less than one year old and are in needs of a collaborative and supportive environment in which to accelerate the growth of the start-ups.

Application Process

  1. Application Submission: Submit your New Venture Incubator Application Form and a letter which address all required information. Be sure to include any information relevant to the selection criteria and requirements. Submit materials via email to The Center: Please put “New Venture Incubator Application” in the subject line.
  2. Interview: If you application meets our baseline selection criteria below, we will ask you to interview with the Center’s selection committee (Advisory Board Committee).

Selection Criteria / Requirements

  1. Company is a start-up company less than one year old
  2. Company has a dedicated entrepreneur(s) with a feasible business mode.
  3. Company has either (a) an existing relationship with Sacramento State and/or College of Business Administration (CBA), or (b) the strong potential for creating a working relationship with Sacramento State and/or CBA. Relationship can be based on a wide range of interactions, including internships, student projects, and other programs to assist CBA and other stakeholders involved in The Center.
  4. Company has a strategic milestone for next 12 months.
  5. Company can demonstrate or is projecting significant job growth that will benefit Sacramento’s regional economy.

Download the New venture Incubator Application Form


Center for Entrepreneurship
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Faculty Director: Seung Bach, Ph.D.
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