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Founded in 1969, the Center for Small Businesses (CSB) is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the United States. For more than forty-five years, the CSB has served in excess of 2,000 small businesses in the Greater Sacramento area.

The CSB offers free technical management assistance in all areas of business other than taxation, law, and loan packaging, to small for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The services are provided by juniors, seniors, and graduate students under faculty supervision. These students are assigned to work with clients of the CSB as part of their coursework in various classes offered by the College of Business Administration.

Services are provided compliments of Sacramento State and many of the financial institutions of the local area.

Matching for Spring 2018 is complete.  We are now accepting applications for Fall 2018 (assistance beginning September 2018).

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Areas of Service

The CSB offers free technical consulting services to small for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. These services are provided in virtually all areas of business other than taxation, law, and loan packaging.

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Types of Assistance

  • Financial management analysis and planning
  • Human resource management
  • Information systems (e.g., web design, databases)
  • International business
  • Marketing/Sales planning
  • Production and operating systems management
  • Strategic management analysis and strategic planning
  • Supply chain and logistics


Special Projects

A wide variety of special projects are hosted by instructors each semester.  Below is a list of special projects for Spring 2018 and we are seeking community partners. 

  • Management Information Systems 1: Students will build a website for a business (using a free template like WordPress) or make an application for business professionals (using PowerApps of Microsoft). These websites and applications will be developed so that they are ready for connecting to a database upon completion.
  • Management Information Systems 2: Students in my spring 2018 MIS 160 class need to build a website or a software system for a client. From a technical standpoint, the project requires building a database and connecting the database to a website/software. Please note that MIS 160 focuses on collecting requirements and setting up a plan to build the system. Students will build the systems in the fall 2018 MIS 161 course. Thus, students need 2 academic semesters to build the system.
  • Management Information Systems 3: Students will work on the development of the proposal for an effective IT security program for organizations. Students will take into consideration the wide variety of laws, regulations, and guidance combined with industry best practices to define and design the essential elements of an effective IT security program that fits with the organization's managerial and technical environments.
  • Management Information Systems 4: Students in my spring 2018 MIS183 class need to conduct analysis of large data sets to identify insights that help an organization develop, track or evaluate organizational strategies. In order to complete a project sponsors must provide a dataset of at least 2000 rows for analysis and provide the student team with guidance regarding the types of insights that the organization is looking to act upon. Final output will include a visual report presenting actionable insights that demonstrable from the provided or related data.
  • Management Information Systems 5: Students in this computer networking class will analyze a company’s network and provide actionable suggestions for improvement. This project fits best with medium sized companies that have a network or small companies who wants to expand their businesses.
  • Marketing: Marketing management students will apply marketing theories and practice marketing analytical tools to aid marketing decision making and solve business problems while learning about small business marketing and consulting business. Project deliverable will be a proposal or report depending on the project.
  • Project Management (Business Honors Students): Any project-based work. Projects will need a beginning date, end date, and deliverable all able to occur within the semester.
  • Supply Chain Logistics: Projects will center around logistics in supply chain. Decisions in packaging, freight, materials movement, distribution channels, etc.
  • Supply Chain Model and Analysis: Topics for projects include managing and improving supply chain systems to develop competitive advantages in cost, quality, service, flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability.
  • Value Chain Integration (MBA Students): Students will work as teams to conduct case study projects by practicing supply chain and operations knowledge they learn from the MBA 280 (Value Chain Integration) class. The purpose of the project is to provide consulting services to small businesses in order to improve their supply process management. The project will last 1 – 1.5 months. Project deliverable will be a proposal or a report depending on the project.



Business Process of the Center

The Center for Small Business operates in a simple and efficient manner. Small business owners/managers contact the CSB and request management assistance. Their requests are logged by student coordinators, and these are routed to the Center's faculty coordinator for review and distribution to faculty within the College of Business Administration who use these "cases" as part of their course assignments.

Next, faculty members assign these cases to teams of students (from two to six students per case). The students then contact the clients to further define their requests for assistance and begin the consultative process. For the duration of the semester, the student teams develop recommendations for their clients and prepare written reports that are given to both the clients and their instructor.

Clients of the CSB range from "mom and pop" operations to those that are quite prominent within the Sacramento community. The types of companies vary from physician groups, acupuncturists, contractors, and law firms to dog groomers and gift shops. Some firms are in their startup stages while others have been in existence for many years. What they all have in common is the need for outside consulting services to assist them in making business assessments and formulating management strategies.

Some organizations request assistance because they are having serious difficulties, others simply want to have an outside review of their operations and strategies to ensure that they are doing things right, and still others need assistance in managing their rapid growth. Much of the work provided by the CSB focuses on assisting clients to develop business plans, designing marketing strategies, and making adjustments in internal operations.

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Interviews With Faculty 

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