Nuriddin Ikromov

Dr. Ikromov

Position   Associate Professor

Discipline   Finance, Quantitative Methods

Final Degree   PhD, Pennsylvania State University (2009)



Faculty Contact Info

Office   Tahoe Hall 2019

Phone   916‐278‐7199



Prof. Nuriddin Ikromov is an Assistant Professor at the College of Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento. He has previously taught at the Pennsylvania State University. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in business finance, analysis of real estate markets, real estate finance and investments, and real estate fundamentals.  

Prof. Ikromov's research interests include real estate market efficiency, experimental economics, valuation, and property rights. He has presented his research at numerous academic conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association and American Real Estate Society.  His papers have been published in the premier academic real estate journals, such as Real Estate Economics and Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, as well as the proceedings of several international conferences. He has also contributed to the real estate section of the Sacramento Business Review.

Prof. Ikromov is a member of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, American Real Estate Society, and Urban Land Institute.

Areas of Interests

Teaching   Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Development, Market Studies, Mortgage Markets, Financial Markets and Institutions

Research   Market Efficiency, Experimental Economics, Valuation, Property Rights

Faculty Scholarship

Refereed Journal Articles

Journal Article, Academic Journal
Moore, D., Ikromov, N. (2015). A Real Options Approach to Distressed Property Borrower-Lender Reconciliation. Journal of Mathematical Finance, 5(1), 73-81.

Kuhle, J., Ikromov, N. (2014). "Optimal Portfolio Allocation among REITs, Stocks, and Long-Term Bonds: An Empirical Analysis Journal of Mathematical Finance, 4(2),

Ikromov, N. (2012). Cash Flow Volatility, Prices and Price Volatility: An Experimental Study. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 44(2).

Ikromov, N. (2012). Asset Characteristics and Boom and Bust Periods: An Experimental Study. Real Estate Economics, 40(2).

Other Intellectual Contributions

Conference Proceeding - International
Ikromov, N., Yavas, A. (2009). The Impact of Short Selling and Divisibility on Market Efficiency (1st ed., vol. 1, pp. 52-68). Istanbul: Istanbul Technical University.