Sudhir Thakur

Dr. Taylor

Position  Professor

Discipline   Quantitative Methods, Real Estate and Land Use

Final Degree   PhD, Ohio State University (2004)


Faculty Contact Info

Office   Tahoe Hall 2050

Phone   916‐278‐6153



Sudhir Thakur is a Professor in Decision Sciences at California State University, Sacramento. He previously taught at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. He received his doctorate degree from the Ohio State University in Geography with a concentration on spatial analysis and modeling and community and regional economics areas. His master's degrees are in urban planning and economics from the University of Akron (Ohio) and Punjab University (India) respectively. His undergraduate degree is in economics and mathematics from the University of Delhi (India).   

His current research focuses on the empirics of new economic geography models, identification and measurement of regional economic structure in India, Chile, Japan and Washington State utilizing the fundamental economic structure (FES) approach. He is interested in research themes such as: the relationship between regional inequality and spatial growth, economic complexity and regional structural change, regional economic performance of nations and national and regional innovation systems. His research utilizes regional science methodologies such as: regional input‐output analysis, geographically weighted regression, cross‐entropy analysis and geographical information systems (GIS).  

He is a member of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), Western Regional Science Association, and Association of American Geographers (AAG). He has published in the journals: Région et Développement, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Asian Profile, and Studies in Urban and Regional Planning. Further, he has presented his research at the United Nations University (UNU)‐World Institute of Development Economics Research (WIDER) in Helsinki, AAG meetings and Regional Science Association meetings in North America.

Currently he co‐edits the bi‐annually published newsletter for Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group (RDPSG) an affiliate of the AAG. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award (2007) by the RDPSG.

Areas of Interests

Teaching   Data Analysis for Managers, Land Use Regulatory Environment, and Real Estate Development

Research    Economic Geography and Regional Science, Technological Change and Regional Development, Transport, Location and Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Ecological Systems, Spatial Statistics and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Consulting   United Nations University (UNU)‐World Institute of Development Economics Research (WIDER), Helsinki

Faculty Scholarship


Book, Non-Scholarly-New
Thakur, S., Dutt, A., Noble, A. G., Costa, F. C., Thakur, R. (in press). Spatial Diversity in Resources and Urban Development (Edited Book) (vol. I and 2). Springer.

Book Chapters

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New
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Thakur, S. (2010). Methodological Development in Social Geography. Delhi: Cambridge University Press.

Refereed Journal Articles

Journal Article, Academic Journal
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Non-Refereed Journal Articles

Journal Article, In-House Journal
Ross, M., Thakur, S. (2009). Real Estate Trends in the Sacramento Region. Sacramento Business Review, 1(1), 16-25.

Other Intellectual Contributions

Encyclopedia Entries
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