Annual CBA Film Festival Engagement

  • The Annual CBA Film Festival program has created a unique network of collaborators, reflecting the CBA’s ability to engage with others to improve our students’ learning. To achieve their projects students need to get basic training in screenwriting, film-editing, and acting, in addition to doing extensive readings on leadership theories and emotions. To provide these trainings Professor Ozcelik collaborates with our University’s Student Technology Center, graduates from film schools, field experts, and Ms. Elisabeth Nunziato, an acclaimed actor known for her productions in the B Street Theater and the vice-president at NK Media Solutions.

  • This program illustrates our students’ engagement, too, both when producing their projects and when presenting these project to public. The film-project’s innovative nature requires constant creativity and collaboration and thus has stretched our students’ boundaries to learn how to be a real team player in a challenging project. These requirements created an exceptional level of engagement among students, enabling them to skillfully utilize the artistic power of film-making to translate leadership theories into interesting visual stories.