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MBA for Executives


International MBA


MS Accountancy

Description The MBA is a flexible program designed for working professionals. You receive an extensive and broadening management education, with the opportunity to select a field of specialization. Case studies, lectures, and group projects facilitate your professional growth and develop your leadership and technical skills. The MBA for Executives is designed for experienced professionals who aspire to leadership positions. This cohort-based program offers an exceptional return on investment, with a dynamic learning environment, a strong sense of community, outstanding networking opportunities, and an international study trip. The International MBA prepares you to be a business leader in the global marketplace. This 12-month accelerated program combines a rigorous and strategic management education with the unique hallmarks of a global focus and a highly diverse student network. The MSA provides you with an advanced understanding of the rapidly changing field of accounting. This program uses a combination of online course materials, streaming video, and instant messaging. The curriculum is 100% compatible with the CPA exam.
Duration Flexible. 18 months-2 years, or students can choose to take up to 7 years to complete the program. 15 months. 12 months. 18 months.
Schedule Classes meet one evening a week from 6:00-8:50 pm, and each class meets for 16 weeks. Students can choose to take between 1-4 classes per semester. The core curriculum of 8 required and 4 elective courses is completed in 12 months, with classes meeting on Fridays (3-7pm) and Saturdays (8am-2pm). Every 3rd week, courses are conducted online. The final 3 months are spent on individual application projects. Each class lasts for 3 weeks. Students attend class from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 8:30 am – 3:30 pm on Fridays over the 3-week duration of each class. Each class lasts for 6 weeks. Classes are asynchronous, so students can sign in and listen to lectures on their own schedule.
Class Profile Average years of work experience: 4.7 (range 0-35)
Average Age: 27 (range 19-53)
Female Students: 38%
Students of Color: 45%
Average GMAT: 542
Average GPA: 3.2
Student/Faculty Ratio: 12.5
Average years of work experience: 13.5 (range 3-35)
Average Age: 37 (range 24-63)
Female Students: 45%
Average GPA: 3.1
Average size of cohort: 35
Average salary: $92,000
Average years of work experience: 7.2 years (range 1-18 years)
Average Age: 31 (range 22-61)
Female Students: 56%
International Students: 56%
Students Who Speak >1 Language: 78%
Average years of work experience in accounting: 3.8 (range 0-38)
Average Age: 30 (range 20-58)
Female Students: 51%
Average GMAT: 536
Average GPA: 3.2
Cohort-Based? No Yes Yes Cohort-style program.
Concentrations Students can pursue a General Management degree, or choose one of 3 concentrations:
Business Analytics in Healthcare
Entrepreneurship and Global Business
No concentration; students receive a General Management degree. Each cohort votes to select 4 electives. Each cohort will have one of 3 concentrations: International Management, Information Technology Management, or Finance No concentration.
Tuition CA Residents: $2,866.00 per semester for 0-6 units; $4,372.00 per semester more than 6 units. Graduate Business Professional Fee is $270 per unit in addition to the above tuition fees. Non-residents pay the resident fees plus $396 per unit tuition. 
Foundation courses: $630 per unit (0-11 units required). 
$36,300 (includes textbooks, course materials, meals, networking events, and the international study trip) $29,520 (includes textbooks and Friday lunches) $22,200 plus Foundation Courses (0-7 units required) at $630.00 per unit